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Publicizing Your Unit

Publicizing Your Unit

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Publicizing Your Unit

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  1. Publicizing Your Unit “Less is More”

  2. Publicizing Your Unit The goal is to help each unit develop a basic, yet effective, PR program. Keep it simple….Sometimes “Less Is More” Focus on Community Newspapers Community Newspapers need and want your articles….it is their lifeblood.

  3. Press Releases The most common of all public relations tools. • Should communicate key information. • Provide the who, what, when, where, why, and how of an event or issue. • Should include Photos, Photos, Photos, Photos • Includes contact information for newspaper follow-up

  4. Why Publicize Your Unit? “Refrigerator Door Marketing” Your Unit must be visible in your Community Community newspapers want and need your articles Scouting should not be a well kept secret Articles on family Refrigerator Doors across the country keep Scouting at the center of family activities

  5. The Value of Refrigerator Door Marketing Directly impacts membership recruiting-Boys want to have fun Makes parents feel good about being involved Increases retention—”We made the right choice” Provides public recognition of success Increases fundraising by demonstrating the value of Scouting to parents, charter partners and your community Increases awareness of Scouting in your community

  6. Getting Started-Keep It Simple 1. Recruit a Unit PR Chairperson • Reports to Committee Chair/Scoutmaster • Coaches the PR Scout 2. In Troops, Crews & Posts, recruit a PR Scout (e.g. Troop Historian) • Take/collect photos at events, Courts of Honor, summer camp and outings FUN and RECOGNITION is KEY • Draft articles for Community Newspaper • Creates a Unit PR binder for Unit History and recruiting

  7. Getting Started-Keep It Simple 3. Develop an Annual Plan • Look for events or activities to share in your community • Set realistic goals: one submission per month, every other month or quarterly 4. Decide Which Media Outlets to Use • Community newspapers • Charter organization newsletters • BSA Outlets: Council, Unit newsletters • Online only publications for articles, calendar postings • Other

  8. Getting Started-Keep It Simple 5. Call your Local Community Newspaper • Find out who you should be dealing with and submission rules • Introduce yourself and explain what you are trying to do • A good rapport with the media increases the chances your material is used • Know submission deadlines • Know the format desired

  9. Eagle Scout Recognition Provide guidance for each new Eagle Scout and his family to publically recognize his achievement • Publicize the Service Project • Include the newsletter of the organization which benefits from the Service Project • Publicize the Court of Honor with pictures and article • See the example for Eagle Scout Press Releases

  10. Plan Taking photos? Use the Council talent release form for permission to use Scout’s image for press releases, news stories, or other publicity Obtain releases as part of annual registration

  11. Unit PR Guidebook A BSA publication which includes: News Release Guidelines General Rules to Follow Alternate Publicity Ideas Examples Media Contact Information

  12. Other Helpful Tools PR Release Template (Microsoft Word Document) • Download from Web site and Save to Your Computer • Complete with Event Information

  13. Other Helpful Tools Talent Release Form (Microsoft Word Document) • Have on file for each Scout before using their individual information or picture in publicity

  14. Examples

  15. Examples