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Hoover Responds

Hoover Responds

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Hoover Responds

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  1. Hoover Responds Ch 9.3

  2. Monday, April 2, 2012 Daily goal: Understand why Hoover’s policies were unprecedented , but ineffective at relieving the Depression How the Bonus March affected his popularity.

  3. “Prosperity is just around the Corner…” Hoover promised that the worst would pass in 60 days.

  4. Within eight months of taking office, Hoover had to deal with the greatest economic decline in U.S. history. He was not prepared to deal with the suffering the Great Depression brought to Americans. For four years the federal government, under the leadership of Hoover, made only minimal attempts to end the economic crisis. “Economic depression cannot be cured by legislative action or executive pronouncement. Economic wounds must be healed by the action of the cells of the economic body - the producers and consumers themselves” Herbert Hoover

  5. Hoover’s Beliefs Laissez-faire-gov’t should not interfere in the economy in good times or bad. State/City govts should spend on Public works, but they didn’t have money for it.

  6. Background info:Econ 101 Don’t write this down! The economy is broken down into 4 basic parts: Consumers (workers) Businesses Exports (foreign customers) Government

  7. Discussion Questions How do big building projects (public works) improve the economy?

  8. Too Little, Too Late. Hoover set up the NCC to give banks more money to loan. Hoover created the RFC to make loans to build Public works, but the RFC didn’t make enough loans to stop the Depression.

  9. Discussion Questions! As the Depression worsened people began to push for direct relief to the people in the form of unemployment insurance. Hoover opposed this. Why do you think people like Hoover would oppose giving the unemployed money? How could unemployment money help the economy recover? How much can the gov’t help its citizens before they no longer help themselves?

  10. ReliefMoney Hoover opposed giving out relief because he thought it: would make Americans lazy Wasn’t the federal govt’s responsibility.

  11. Discussion Questions If believers of Laissez-faire think the gov’t should not mess w/ the economy or help its citizens through relief, what do they believe the gov’t should do?

  12. The Bonus March, May–July 1932 • The Bonus Expeditionary Force was a group of WWI veterans who had been denied early bonus payments for service in the war. • They organized a protest march on Washington in 1932. • Twenty thousand men set up a tent city, vowing to stay until they got their money. • President Hoover sent in the army (led by future generals of the Army Douglas MacArthur and Dwight D. Eisenhower) to break up the peaceful demonstration. Bonus marchers set up camp in Washington D.C. Bonus marchers rally at the Capitol steps

  13. Some Bonus marchers brought their families

  14. President Hoover sent the army to disperse the Bonus marchers.

  15. One veteran was killed, 50 protestors and some police officers were injured. The marchers dispersed. There was another smaller march in the next year. President Hoover was widely criticized for his handling of the situation. Shacks of the Bonus Army after they were forced out.

  16. The Bonus Army Veterans marched to DC and occupied a Hooverville , threatening to stay until they got their WWI Bonus. Hoover ordered the Army to evict them, but they attacked the Bonus Army andkilled any chance of Hoover’s re-election.