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Brand Statement

Brand Statement

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Brand Statement

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  1. Brand Statement

  2. Goizueta Brand Statement Ceremony Purpose • Hold yourself and others accountable to Goizueta brand statement • Symbolize our purpose to adhere to the brand statement • Reminder of our responsibilities towards our community Execution • Hanging our core values along with the brand statement in the commons • Oath of the brand statement at the beginning of the semester during our welcome clap to first year and one year students • Each student to pin the Goizueta brand logo on another student during the oath ceremony • Perform brand checks each semester

  3. Our Goizueta Oath Goizueta Brand Statement "Goizueta students are passionate and committed leaders that act with integrity, professionalism and respect. We embrace the thought of an ever-changing, diverse world and ascribe to lead in the future with humility, intelligence and purpose. We keep our word, give example though our actions and positively influence the people around us through our collaborative spirit. We seek to honor the Goizueta Business School's core values and hold each other accountable to protect and preserve the Goizueta brand and all the privileges it bestows upon us.”

  4. Accountability in Action Brand Council • 3-person team consisting of at least 1 member of Core Values Council responsible for: • Managing confidential First Class conference that is available for Goizueta community members to openly report serious student brand violations • Following up with reporter to fully understand perceived violation • Speaking directly with student in question to address brand violation • Working with Program Office and GBA to determine if disciplinary action should be required (and if so, what is the appropriate response)

  5. Accountability in Action Increased Transparency • GBA, Program Office and CMC should all work together to provide more information regarding specific brand violations, namely: • What occurred? • Why was the action or behavior inappropriate? • What should have happened? • How was the situation addressed? • How can students help address similar situations in the future? • We believe it is most important to communicate violations as they occur as well as their resolutions vs. the names of specific violators