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Le Chateau de Versailles PowerPoint Presentation
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Le Chateau de Versailles

Le Chateau de Versailles

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Le Chateau de Versailles

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  1. Le Chateau de Versailles Le Chateau de Versailles By Blair Barone By Lisette Barone

  2. France

  3. Le chateau de Versailles is a famous museum outside of Paris. It is one of the most visited monuments in France. Le Chateau de Versailles

  4. Le chateau de Versailles • Before Le chateau de Versailles Was a palace, it was a Modest hunting lodge. • Louis XIV stated he was building palace in 1660 and it was finished in 1715. • It was to replace the Louvre which at the time was going to be Louis XIV palace. • Until 1789 it was the political heart of France.

  5. Grand Trianon • The Grand Trianon was built in 1687 and was Louis XIV “summer retreat”. The Grand Trianon was also known as the Marble Trianon.

  6. Petit Trianon • The Petit Trianon was built for Madame du Barry the mistress of Louis XV.

  7. The Gardens • The gardens were designed and built between 1661 and 1700. • Everything in the gardens are symmetrical. • They cover almost 250 acres of land.

  8. Le Chateau De Versailles

  9. Famous Rooms • The Treaty of Versailles was signed in the hall of mirrors ending the French Revolution. • Hall of Mirrors • Napoleon and his wife had a room in the palace of Versailles. • Most of the furniture in his room was auctioned off during the French Revolution Hall of Mirrors

  10. Famous rooms • The Queens bed chamber still looks like it was when Marie Antoinette was living there. • The kings room was so richly decorated it had famous pieces of artwork set into the wood paneling. Napoleon's bedroom The Queens Room Kings room

  11. Famous rooms • Louis the XIV, XI, and XVI all attended mass everyday in this chapel Royal. • Every single inch of stone in the chapel was delicately carved. • The only thing colored in the chapel was the marble floor and the ceiling.

  12. Famous Rooms • It was only in 1770 that “the Opera house ” was made. • Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette were the first people to get married there. • The Opera house was so big that 10,000 candles were used to light it each night.

  13. Claim to Fame • It’s a big part of Frances History. • king’s used to live there. • A lot of important govern- ment decisions were made there.

  14. Interesting Facts • Back when the Kings were living there 25% of the entire nations income was used to maintain Versailles. • Each room in Versailles is Dedicated to an Olympian city. • The town of Versailles around the Palate was used to lodge the people that helped the king. • Most of the Palace can only be viewed from a guided tour.

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