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Chateau de Chenonceau

Chateau de Chenonceau

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Chateau de Chenonceau

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  1. Chateau de Chenonceau "The Castle of Ladies"

  2. 1. "Castle of the Ladies" It is nicknamed as the "Castle of the Ladies" because it is the fruit of the passion and ambition of a long history of strong, willing women.

  3. 2. History The “Château des Dames” was built in 1513 by Katherine Briçonnet, and was made more attractive by Diane de Poitiers then Catherine de Medici. Chenonceau was protected from the hardship of the revolution by Madame Dupin.

  4. 3. Flowers  Au Château de Chenonceau, la mise en fleurs de chacune des pièces, meublées, ajoute encore au raffinement. At Chenonceau Castle, the flower display in every furnished room adds to its elegance.

  5. 4. Garden- Diane's Garden There are among 40,000 flowers grown in the Domain, which are planted twice a year in spring, and in summer. The Domain’s 70 acres of richly wooded parks make a perfect setting for walks and relaxing moments. Diane Made this^

  6. 5. Garden- Catherine's Garden The Garden of Catherine de Médicis is lined on the east with a sloping bed delimiting the moats, which are filled by the waters of the Cher River.

  7. 6. History Throughout its history, this emblematic Castle has always attracted talent and inspired great artists. Conveying beauty and combining the elegance of architecture with that of the spirit is also sharing an elegant way of life.

  8. 7. Animeux Nikos, Nausicaa, Gliko et Apollonia, profitent de l’espace qui leur est réservé, dans « le Parc aux Ânes », tout proche des grilles d’entrée du château. Nikos, Nausicaa, Gliko and Apollonia, benefit from the space which is reserved for them, in “the Donkey Park”, right next to the Castles’ entry gates.

  9. The room used by Diane de Poitiers, mistress of Henry II, has a fireplace by Jean Goujon, a French sculptor of the Fontainebleau School, which bears the initials of Henry II and Catherine de' Medici: interlaced Hs and Cs that could be considered as forming the D of "Diane". The coffered ceiling also contains these initials. The four-poster bed dates from the early 17th century and the Henry II armchairs are covered with cordovan leather. Over the fireplace is a 19th century portrait of Catherine de' Medici by Sauvage. 8. Diane de Poitiers' bedroom

  10. 9. Kitchens Chenonceau's kitchens are located in the huge bases which  form the first two piers sitting on the bed of the river Cher. A  bridge crosses from one pier to the other, leading to the  kitchen itself. A platform where boats with supplies would draw  alongside is, according to legend, called Diane's bath. The pantry is a low room with two intersecting vaults. Its 16th  century chimney is the Château's largest, next to the bread oven. • The Dining room: reserved for the châteaus staff. • The Butchery: in which you can still see the                                                          hooks for hanging game and the blocks for cutting it up.

  11. 10. Prices Adults, Children from 7 to 18 years old, Students upon presentation of card Castle (with brochure) 10,50 € 8,50 € 8,50 € Castle (audio video guided tour)  14,50 € 12,50 € 12,50 €  Castle (with brochure) and Wax Museum 12,50 € 11,00 € 11,00 € GROUPS (groups of over 20)Castle (with brochure) 8,50 €  Castle (with brochure) and Wax Museum 11,00 € Castle (audio video guided tour - reservation) 12,50 € Castle and Wax Mus. (audio video guided tour/reservation) 13,50 €

  12. 11. Hours From January 1st to February 11th 9H30 - 17H00  From February 12th to March 14th 9H30 - 18H00 From March 15th to March 31st 9H30 - 19H00 From April 1st to May 31st 9H00 - 19H00 From June 1st to June 30th 9H00 - 19H30 From July 1st to August 31st 9H00 - 20H00 From September 1st to September 30th 9H00 - 19H30  From October 1st to October 22th 9H00 - 18H30 From October 23th to November 3rd 9H00 - 18H00  From November 4th to December 31st 9H30 - 17H00