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District Convention 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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District Convention 2013

District Convention 2013

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District Convention 2013

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  1. District Convention 2013 By: District Convention Committee Justin Crofoot, Ritesh Bhambhani Will Kelley, and Tevon Brooks

  2. Key to the Future Have you ever wondered what can aid you towards a life full of selfless service? Key club can, Key club truly is a key to the future, it leads to wonderful service opportunities, life long friendships, and development of true leadership skills You could experience all of these things and more If you attend this years District convention from March 1-3 2013

  3. What is DCON? DCON, short for District convention is a funfilled weekend jam packed with all kinds of key club activities! It’s a wonderful weekend full of lasting memories and very educational speeches and forums. District Convention is one of my favorite times of the year because I get to meet passionate key clubbers from all over Illinois and Eastern- Iowa

  4. DCON Come to attend fun filled forums! What else can be said about this weekend besides the fact that it’s just in general a great time Learn so much more about what kind of impact you really have Dances, parties, elections and soooo much more It’s the place to be

  5. Service Fair • This year’s service fair has lots of different things going on! • U.S. Army • Spastics Paralysis • Circle K • K-Family • Our Service partners • And much much more • If you have any suggestions or have booth for the service fair please contact Ritesh Bhambhani

  6. What do we do there? Create Memories that will last you a lifetime! Listen to live Motivational speakers Participate in a walk/run for Spastics Paralysis Attend fun filled wonderful forums Meet the II district’s International trustee Jack Vielhauer! Participate in the talent show Elect your next II District Governor And most importantly...

  7. Forums Key Club 101 Key Leader Officer Forums Call to Icon Advisor Trainings Key to the future Key to the K

  8. Electing your executive board • All clubs in good standing are required to send 2 voting delegates to convention. • Delegates and other members hear many speeches from candidates for the positions of… • Governor • Secretary • Statistical secretary • Treasurer • Delegates will attend a house of delegates Saturday afternoon to elect the new execs

  9. Where is DCON? DCON will be held at the Hilton Indian Lakes Resort in Bloomingdale Illinois Convention was held here 2 years ago and proved to be a fantastic place for Conventions There is a beautiful Golf course in the back of the Hotel where a spastics walk will be held

  10. Why should you go to DCON 2013! You will have one of the best weekends of your life! You will be able to say that you got to voice your opinion on todays leaders You can learn so much more about this wonderful organization Get away from your parents for a weekend for only $166 If none of these attract you, come to learn about key club in general

  11. DCON Committee Goals • As a committee, we hope to have one of the best District Convention’s ever for all of you • Increase attendance at District Convention • Make convention accessible to all clubs • Have all clubs in good standing represented during this year’s house of delegates • Keep you all informed • Make it a weekend to remember

  12. Questions? Suggestions If you have any further questions or suggestions, after today please contact us. We all hope to see you at this year’s District Convention we know we’ll be there!

  13. DCON Committee Justin Crofoot • Committee Chair • LTG Div. 14 • (815)-914- 6368 • Ritesh Bhambhani • Service fair coordinator • LTG Div. 21 • (630)-940- 8209 • William Kelley • Committee Member • LTG Div. 17 • (309)-525- 2490 • Tevon Brooks • Committee Member • LTG Div. 4 • (708)-796- 5084 •