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Welcome to Media Showcase

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Welcome to Media Showcase
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Welcome to Media Showcase

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  1. Welcome toMedia Showcase

  2. Agenda • Research – Brand perception/advertising • Regional information • Update on current activities • Spring 2013 branding • Fall 2013/Spring 2014 co-ops

  3. Brand Perception and Advertising Awareness

  4. Research structure Conducted July and August 2012 Two different research methods Online focus groups Web based panel survey

  5. Method 1: Online focus groups Two groups Joined via webcams OH, IL, TN, GA, NC, SC, AL Goals Perceptions of Kentucky Insights into travel guide usage Reactions to Kentucky Visitor’s Guide

  6. Most common associations Derby Horses Relaxed pace Travel planning Starts with a place in mind Someplace they always wanted to visit Recommended by friends and family Social media changing process

  7. Fear of missing out First searches: lodging and attractions Use several resources to find out everything Printed Guides Websites Mobile Sites Apps

  8. What is wanted in a vacation? Relaxation Enough variety to avoid boredom Responsibility relief Worry free security

  9. Travel guide reactions Those who order are most likely to visit The journey is more important than the destination Looking for permanent attractions Pictures worth more than 1,000 words The Kentucky Visitor’s Guide Well received vs. regional competitors Liked design, photos, organization Showed things they didn’t know you could do in Kentucky

  10. Kentuckytourism.com User friendly Easy to navigate 90% more likely to visit

  11. Method 2: Web based survey Leisure travelers within 400 miles of Kentucky 1,202 respondents Insights into brand image, motivations and barriers Test issues raised in focus groups

  12. Creating trial isn’t easy Small consideration sets Fear of flop Established habits hard to break Retaining visitors hugely important Stay longer Come back more often Tell their friends Better yet, bring their friends

  13. Kentucky vacation image Beautiful scenery Lots of outdoor activities Friendly people Laid-back, simpler pace A get away place

  14. A guy’s paradise? Horseracing Gambling Golf Bourbon Hunting Fishing Outdoor adventure

  15. Women are still the gatekeepers Primary info gatherers Mom looks out for everyone Balance is the key

  16. Women’s vs. men’s views Women seek to reconnect Men seek relaxation Both see KY as more of a man’s place

  17. Our challenges Distinguishing KY from competition Defining the KY vacation experience Helping prospects visualize their visit Meeting the emotional needs of both sexes

  18. Our strengths Relaxation Scenery Friendliness Value Variety Safety Authentic

  19. Target issues Creating excitement Promoting 2-3 day getaways Incorporating education Communicating convenience

  20. Advertising results Survey conducted after first run Easy to understand Re-enforced brand image Provided new information Stimulated interest Conveyed relaxation Family friendly Outdoor activities

  21. Key finding Advertising is creating awareness and generating interest BUT, we need to build understanding

  22. Recommendations Keep working to better understand our core travelers Strengthen emotional connections Be the antidote for stress Show variety of fun and excitement Present the state’s softer side

  23. Conclusions Kentucky has far more positives than negatives Our loyal visitors are very loyal Non-visitors are interested, but need more information The more we can engage and educate, the better

  24. Regional Information and Updates

  25. Feeder Markets identified by regions Atlanta 1 Dayton 2 Birmingham 1 Indianapolis 6 Charlotte 2 Knoxville 3 Chattanooga 1 Little Rock 0 Chicago 4 Memphis 0 Cincinnati 4Nashville 7 Cleveland 4 St. Louis 3 Columbus 3 Toledo 0

  26. Interest areasfrom regions Agritourism 2 History/Culture 6 Bluegrass Music 1 Horses 2 Boating 1 Outdoor Adventure 7 Bourbon/Wine 2 Parks/Nature 1 Family Fun 3 Scenic Drives/Motorcycling 2 Festivals 1 Sports 1 Fishing 1 Meetings 1 Food 1 Arts/Entertainment/Music 4

  27. Fall 2012 digital campaign September-October 4 markets4 areas of interest Birmingham, Al Arts Charlotte, NC Bourbon Indianapolis, IN Horses Memphis, TN Outdoor adventure Goals: 30,000,000 impressions 120,000 clicks Click thru rate of 0.07 or above

  28. Results 85,112,841 impressions 184,033 clicks Click thru rate 0.22% (three times the industry standard) All 4 markets remain in top 10 DMOs with traffic to our website

  29. Find Adventure campaignFeb-March 2013 Facebook Mobile Web

  30. Results Facebook New Page Likes8,358 (81% Increase) Talking About This Score peaked on 3/18 30,061 Unique Users in Last 28 Days 90,763 (1,594% Increase) 28 Day Reach 1,663,991 (4,830% Increase) Enewsletter Signups 15,173 Visitors Guide Signups 9,385

  31. Facebook Ads Results Feb 18 – March 29 Impressions 5,124,462 Total number of times Ads and Sponsored Stories ads have been shown on the site. Clicks 88,207 The number of clicks ads have received including clickthroughs, Page likes, or app installs. Click-Through Rate 1.721% The number of clicks our ad received divided by the number of times it was shown on the site. Cost Per Click $0.15 The average cost per click for these ads, calculated as the amount spend divided by the number of clicks received.

  32. Search Engine Marketing Kentucky Travel runs a consistent program of search engine optimization supported by keyword pay per click campaigns. In addition, we support special campaigns using SEO and PPC.

  33. Results MOBILE: (March 2013) PPC generated 1,240 clicks and 16 conversions. Average cost-per-click was $0.20, down from $0.21 in Feb.MAIN: (March 2013) PPC campaign generated 12,475 clicks and 560 conversions. Average cost-per-click was $0.31, down from $0.35 in Feb. CONTEST: (Feb-March 2013) Kentucky Adventure PPC/Display generated 38,855 clicks and 26,181 conversions Average cost-per-click $0.67

  34. Spring 2013 Branding Campaign

  35. Geo targeted Rockford, IL Cleveland, OH Chicago, IL Peoria-Bloomington, IL Columbus, OH Dayton, OH Champaign, IL Indianapolis, IN Cincinnati, OH Charleston, WV St. Louis, MO Evansville, IN Nashville, TN Charlotte, NC Chattanooga, TN Knoxville, TN Birmingham, AL

  36. Digital – April 1-May 31, 2013 National demographic & behavioral targets W25-54 with kids, HHI $75k+ W25-54 who like travelling, camping, fishing, museums, hiking, horseracing, etc. ROS targeting boating/water sports, hiking/camping, fishing, hunting, general outdoors ROS Avid golfers/golf enthusiasts, nature lovers, outdoor sports ROS Travel, family/living & entertainment

  37. Digital Creative Animated banner ads in 3 sizes And 10 sec pre-roll video using There’s Only One ads with companion banner

  38. 6 areas of interest

  39. Television April 22-May 26, 2013 2 weeks on/2 weeks off Birmingham, AL Dayton, OH Charlotte, NC Indianapolis, IN Chattanooga, TN Knoxville, TN Cleveland, OH Nashville, TN Columbus, OH

  40. Sponsorships Cincinnati Reds Radio Network Kentucky Derby Festival Louisville Bats Baseball Rolex Kentucky 3-day event KET’s Kentucky Life

  41. Earned Media Earned media efforts should match our paid and owned media efforts in aggressiveness and intensity, and all three should be highly integrated. That is now happening

  42. General Strategies Formation of a team and development of an earned media plan Expanded tracking of coverage - Vocus Heavier reliance on editorial calendar Increased dissemination of content – content releases and story pitches

  43. General Strategies Social media engagement with digital and traditional media Broadcast media interview solicitations Increase proactive hosting of travel writers

  44. Specific Initiatives Solicited radio interviews in Spring TV cities – 14 interviews secured Solicited TV interviews when buying Spring TV – 15 interviews secured New York City media trip – May 2013 Projected: 30 reception attendees/ 15 desk-side meetings Invite travel writers for hosted Kentucky trips Travel writers hosted: projected 20

  45. 2013-2014 Cooperative Marketing Opportunities

  46. Cooperative Marketing Overview and Strategies KDT Mission: To promote the Commonwealth as a travel destination, generate revenue, and create jobs for Kentucky’s economy. Goals: • Primary: Increase tourism visitation and spending in Kentucky through an integrated cooperative marketing campaign that leverages TMIP funds in a cost-effective manner to reach maximum potential target audience penetration. • Secondary: To provide industry partners with the opportunity to advertise in feeder markets at an affordable cost using media vehicles that are unobtainable for most individual budgets.

  47. Target Audiences: The following audiences were identified utilizing research data from the recently completed Kentucky Tourism research study. Families – specifically targeting moms: women 25 – 54, household income of $75,000+, with children in the household. Adults over 55—specifically empty nesters who enjoy travel. Special Interests – targeting those who are interested in: outdoor adventures including camping, hiking, hunting and sports fishing; culinary and winery experiences; cultural and historical experiences including Civil War sites, museums and bourbon distilleries; horse related events and attractions; music, arts and collectables; “There’s Only One” experiences and attractions. Group Travel – specifically targeting group travel planners. Geography: The following markets were established to coincide with markets where brand advertising is appearing. Core states – IL, IN, KY, MI, MO, OH, TN, WV, AR, GA, AL, NC.

  48. Cooperative Marketing Opportunities Details In order for each of the following co-ops to be implemented, a certain level of industry partner participation is required. Any co-ops that do not receive sufficient partner participation will be canceled. Partner pricing is gross unless otherwise noted. Must contact rep for confirmation of pricing; KDTT is not responsible for unintentional errors on pricing included in this document. All print co-ops will be developed by New West. Each partner ad will be “formatted” with copy, selection of images and logo provided by the partner to New West. The following information is an overview of the opportunities available. Partners are encouraged to contact the media reps listed for more information about co-ops of interest. Refer to co-op book for complete details.

  49. Television co-op