welcome to central valley n.
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BY: Jacky Lee

BY: Jacky Lee

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BY: Jacky Lee

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  1. Welcome to Central Valley Region: Central Valley BY:Jacky Lee

  2. Central Valley a Must Explore Place Central Valley a MUST explore place - peaceful, natural and full of life.

  3. Climate of Central Valley • Within the boundaries of the State are to be found areas of moderate temperatures and other places where temperatures reach extreme values of either heat or cold. On the coast the small range in temperature from day to night and from winter to summer produces an unusually equable regime. With increasing distance from the coast, depending to some extent upon the amount of marine influence experienced, temperature ranges become wider. Higher elevations in the mountains also experience large temperature variation.

  4. Important Resources/Facts • California's Central Valley is a large, flat valley that dominates the central portion of the U.S.state of California. It is home to California's most productive agricultural efforts. The valley stretches approximately 450 miles (720 km) from northwest to southeast inland and parallel to the Pacific Ocean coast. Its northern half is referred to as the Sacramento Valley, and its southern half as the San Joaquin Valley. The Sacramento valley receives about 20 inches of rain annually, but the San Joaquin is very dry, often semi-arid desert in many places.

  5. Interesting Places to Visit: Central Valley • Lake Isabella, California • Lake Isabella • Caswell Memorial State Park • Upper Kern River • Kern River Rafting • Red Rock Canyon Kern County • Stanislaus River • King River • Sliver City Ghost Town

  6. Lake Isabella, California Lake Isabella has a lot mountains and trees. Many Lake Isabella visitors could enjoy boating, fishing, camping, and exploring scenic area.

  7. Lake Isabella Lake Isabella has a lot of boats and places for people to fish and play different water sports.

  8. Caswell Memorial State Park Caswell Memorial State Park has a lot of trees. It`s a peaceful place to visit and it has a small river that people could rafting, boating, exploring, or fishing there.

  9. Upper Kern River Upper Kern River has a lot of shrubs, and a rocky river. The rocky river is like a long rocky waterfall.

  10. Kern River Rafting At Kern River Rafting people can enjoy a day out in the sun rafting with friends and families.

  11. Red Rock Canyon Kern County Red Rock Canyon Kern County is a great place to hiking and run around and enjoy the amazing rock formation.

  12. Stanislaus River At Stanislaus River there is a lot of trees. There is a rocky river that people could raft with their friends and friends.

  13. King River The King River flows between two mountains and is surrounded by many trees

  14. Sliver City Ghost Town Many people thinks the ghost town was haunted by evil sprits that past away.

  15. Important Cities • Although most of the Valley is rural, it does contain MSAs (urban cities and suburbs) such as Delano, Fresno, Bakersfield, Stockton, Modesto, Visalia, Porterville, Merced, Madera, and Hanford.

  16. Thank you for visiting Central Valley. We hope you have enjoy a great stay.