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Link crew

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  1. Link crew Iowa High School Calcasieu Parish Iowa, Louisiana

  2. What is Link crew? • Parent Organization: The Boomerang Project • Motto: • You Get Back What You Give

  3. Link Crew • Making Freshman Success a Reality

  4. Link Crew • Just ask yourself… • What would happen at your school if students were given permission to care about each other and the structure in which to do it?

  5. Link Crew: The Program • Link Crew is not just a one time event. • It is a year long transition program. • Components: • Orientation • 1st Day of School • Academic Follow-ups • Social Follow-ups • Extensive Training for Link Crew Leaders

  6. Link Crew: The Program • Orientation • Goals: • To welcome the freshmen to their new campus and encourage them to think about the path they will take during the next 4 years. • Establishes the relationship between the Link Leaders and the freshmen.

  7. Link Crew: The Program • Why? • So that freshmen know: • Who the Link Crew Leaders are • Their purpose • What to expect in the way of support throughout the year

  8. Link Crew: orientation

  9. Link Crew: Orientation • “I didn’t think they would do anything more than show us around school, but my perspective was clearly wrong.” Blaire, Class of 2013

  10. Link Crew: The Program • “I was fortunate to be in the 1st group of students to be lead by Link Crew. They served as a type of life-line for us when we became swamped in the new world of high school. Without a doubt, it made a huge difference.” Allen, Class of 2013

  11. Link Crew: The Program

  12. Link Crew: The 1st Day • “I thought it was so amazing that someone would want to help me. Me, a scared freshman going somewhere new. I want to give this years’ freshmen a sense of security.” Danielle, Class of 2013

  13. Link Crew: The 1st Day of school • Leaders wear their distinctive lime green shirts for easy identification. • Freshmen see familiar faces of upperclassmen they know.

  14. Link Crew: The Follow-ups • Social • Provide a social setting for Link Leaders and their freshmen to reconnect and build relationships outside the classroom. • May include: • Cookies n Cocoa—week before Christmas Break • Attend school athletic event as a group • Eat lunch together • Link Crew tailgate

  15. Link Crew: The Follow-ups • Academic: • Link Leaders visit freshman classes 10x a year teaching structured lessons on topics such as: • Using Your Available Resources • Managing Your Time • Achieving Excellence • The power of the Academic Follow-ups is that younger students learn from older students who have had a variety of experiences, successes and challenges.

  16. Link Crew: Academic Follow-ups • These lessons are designed to give freshmen the skills needed to be successful during their high school years and beyond. • “To me Link Crew is all about showing how much you care about the students at your school and making these freshmen better individuals.” Robin, Class of 2013

  17. Link Crew: Academic Follow-ups • “Every month, we looked forward to seeing (Link Crew) members in our classes to teach lessons. We looked up to them, our upper classmen. We listened to them. We respected them. And whether or not we realized it among the fun-and-games, we learned important, practical lessons during our Link Crew sessions.” Cassidy, Class of 2013

  18. Link Crew: Academic Follow-ups • Lessons are designed to give freshmen the skills needed to be successful during their high school years and beyond.

  19. Link Crew: The Follow-ups • Leader Initiated • Beyond the structured activities provided for Link Leaders and their freshmen to connect. • Link Leaders are encouraged to make individual contact with their freshmen.

  20. Link Crew: the follow-ups • “All the lessons that we taught weren’t just for the freshmen—it was for us, too.” Jordan, Class of 2012

  21. Link Crew: The Program • Connection to the community • Communication with the feeder schools • Working with the school counselors

  22. Link Crew: Link leaders • The heartbeat of the program • A cross-section of the student body representing all types of students at the school • Gives as many freshmen as possible a Link Leader with whom to identify • Extensive training that develops skills as well as provides them with a vision of what it is to be a high school leader

  23. Link Crew: Link leaders

  24. Link Crew: Link leaders

  25. Link Crew: Link leaders • “One of the things I like most about Link Crew is the diversity of leaders. Link Crew has leaders from every branch of high school.” Cassidy, Class of 2013

  26. Link Crew: Adult leadership • Adult leaders attend a 3 day workshop through Boomerang Project • Prepares Coordinator for: • Selection of Leaders • Training of Leaders • Orientation • 1st day activities • 2nd ½ of Training is a 2 day workshop (part of cost of initial training) • Prepares Coordinator for: • Follow-up lessons • Year long activities

  27. Link Crew: Adult leadership • Adult training is thorough and materials are provided—examples of activities, cds of songs, dvds of actual training sessions and Orientation sessions. • Boomerang Project is accessible for additional materials and advice. • Ongoing training available • Cooperation among Link Crew Schools • Joint activities—Link Crew tail gates for rival games, joint planning sessions/idea swaps • Website for exchange of ideas • Leadership curriculum also available for a Link Crew class

  28. Jennings HS/Iowa HS Link Crews

  29. Link Crew: Who benefits most? • “The friendships that were formed with Link Crew Leaders and the new high schoolers were great. To give back what I’ve gained is what I want to do by joining Link Crew.” Devan, Class of 2013

  30. “I really want to be part of something that makes a difference…the main reason I want to be part of Link Crew is because I love what you guys do and I would really love to be a part of that.” Corey, Class of 2013

  31. Link Crew: Who benefits most? • “Link Crew has taught me a lot about life that I use everyday, and I only want the chance to help the freshmen like Link Crew has helped me.” Kennedy, Class of 2013

  32. Link Crew: You Get Back what you give • For more information, please contact • Leslie Gurley • Iowa High School • 401 W. Miller Avenue • Iowa, LA 70647 • 337-217-4380 •