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Sherwood High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Sherwood High School

Sherwood High School

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Sherwood High School

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  1. Sherwood High School Welcome SHS Class of 2017

  2. Tonight we will … • Discuss the four-year educational program at Sherwood High School • Prepare students and parents for the transition from middle school to high school • Highlight the freshmen registration process • Provide an opportunity to attend the Course Fair to learn about academic programs and meet some Sherwood staff

  3. At Sherwood… • We focus on academics so students leave high school prepared to do whatever they want to do (open as many doors as possible) • We provide opportunities for self exploration beyond the curriculum through athletics, community activities and extracurricular programs

  4. Our Goal … College and Career Readiness for Each 100% of our students will be ready for life after high school. We prepared students for the next phase of their lives in preparation for their chosen career We prepare students to be good citizens of the global society.

  5. MCPS ... 3 High School Keys • Earn a score of at least 1650 (out of 2400) on the SAT or 24 (out of 36) on the ACT • Take an Advanced Placement (AP) class and earn a score of 3, or higher • Complete Algebra 2 with a grade of C, or higher, by the end of grade 11

  6. Preparing for High School and Beyond • Choose the right academic program designed for you. • Make sure you take rigorous courses that stretch you as a learner (this is unique to the individual student) • Make sure you take an honors class and an AP class (if possible) • Take the SAT or the ACT or both and get a strong score • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale • Get involved in the life of your high school

  7. Individual Graduation Requirements • 22 Credits (minimum) • Student Service Learning Hours (75 hours) • High School Assessments (combined total score of 1602) • Algebra • Biology • English 10 • Government

  8. Course Requirements FOR GRADUATION (minimum 22 credits): English (4 credits) Math (4 credits) Science (3 credits) Social Studies (3 credits) Physical Education (1 credit) Health (.5 credit) Fine Arts(1 credit) Tech Ed (1 credit) Program Completer: Option 1: World Language (2 credits) Option 2: Advanced Technology [Advanced Design Apps & Advanced Tech Apps](2 credits) Option 3: Career and Technology Program WHAT MOST COLLEGES WANT TO SEE: English (4 credits) Math (4 credits) Science (3-4 credits) Social Studies (3-4 credits) World Language (3-4 credits) Honors and Advanced Placement courses Elective courses that enhance educational program

  9. Freshman Year • 7 Credits: English (1) Math (1) Social Studies (1) Science (1) Other classes (3) (World Language, Physical Education, Art/Music, Technology Education, or other electives)

  10. OVERVIEW: Program of Studies • English • Mathematics • Social Studies • Science • World Languages • Physical Education/Health • Fine Arts • Technology Education and Career Technology Programs

  11. English English 9 On Level English 9 Honors 9th Electives Grades 9- 12: Film as Literature Journalism Yearbook Theatre Creative Writing English 10 On Level English 10 Honors 10th English 11 Honors 11th AP Language English 12 Honors ESOL Language classes satisfy English requirement for ESOL students 12th AP Literature or AP Language

  12. Mathematics Algebra 1 Double Period Algebra 1 Geometry (Honors/On-Level) Double Period Geometry Algebra 2 (Honors/ On-Level) Pre-Calculus (Honors/On-level) Electives: Quantitative Literacy, Bridge to Algebra 2, Statistics , AP Statistics Calculus (AP/Honors)

  13. Social Studies Honors US History AP NSL US History 9th Grade NSL Honors NSL AP US History Honors US 10th Grade AP NSL 11th Grade AP MW History MW History Honors MW History Electives for Grades 11 and 12: Psychology, Comparative Religions, Law I and Law II, Philosophy, African American History, Global Issues, Sociology I and Sociology II, AP Psychology, AP European History, AP Comparative Government, AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics, AP US History

  14. Science H Matter & Energy H Biology Biology H Physics 9th Grade H Biology Biology H Biology DP Sem 1 H Chemistry DP Sem 2 H Chemistry Chemistry 10th Grade H Physics Physics Elective H Chemistry Chemistry Elective Elective 11th Grade Electives: Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Biological Anthropology, Horticultural Science, Molecular Biology, Earth Space Systems, Environmental Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Environmental Science, Wildlife Biology

  15. World LanguagesFrench – Spanish - Italian Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Honors Level 4 Honors AP Spanish (Language and Literature) AP French (Language) Italian is offered through level four

  16. Physical Education Physical Education Grade 9: General P.E. (1st or 2nd semester) Concentrated or Specialty P.E. (1st or 2nd semester) Grades 10 – 12: Concentrated or Specialty P.E. (students can repeat the same course for credit; example: Weight training) Health Comprehensive Health On-level or Honors Required Family Life and Human Development Elective course

  17. Fine Arts Grade 9: Any Level 1 Course (Ceramics 1, Digital Photography, Digital Art, Photography 1, Foundations of Art, Chorus 1, Piano, Guitar, Electronic Music, Concert Band (if already play an instrument), Jazz Band (if already play an instrument) Grades 10 – 12: Level 1 courses or upper level courses

  18. Technology Education Grade 9: Introduction to Engineering Design*, Foundations of Technology*, Computer courses, Television Grades 10 – 12: Principles of Engineering*Upper level Career Technology Education programs. * Satisfies Technology requirement

  19. Career and Technology Programs Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Engineering Academy of Health Professions Business Child and Adolescent Development College/Career Research and Development Computer Science Hospitality Management – Culinary Arts Internship program (seniors)

  20. Preparing for High School • Classroom performance: continue to get good grades in your classes • Attitude towards achievement = Get good grades; high school courses become permanent on your transcript • Responsibility: Handing in homework, making up assignments, reteach/reassess opportunities, no unexcused absences or tardies, manage time wisely • Make good choices about your classes for next year • Get involved in school activities: athletics, clubs, organizations, attending events, …

  21. Athletics

  22. Activities

  23. More Activities Table Top Club Technology Club Video TV Club Warrior Improvisation Young Democrats Young Republicans

  24. Registration Process • January 31: Registration Meeting and Course Fair • During the month of February: • Counselors will visit the middle schools to discuss course registration and programs at Sherwood High School • Rosa Parks Middle School on February 7 • Farquhar Middle School on February 8 • Registration cards need to be returned to the middle schools by February 15

  25. Course Fair (now until 8:00) • Auxiliary Gym: • Look at presentations about SHS courses • Opportunity to discuss programs with school staff