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  1. MIRACLE Pharma Software Very Easy to use. Very Simple to Implement No Need to learn Accounts

  2. CREATE ITEMS: Along with Batches Create Itemsand define its Batches with expiry date,PTS, PTR, MRPalong with theirOp. Stock You can even Import Items from Excel file

  3. MIRACLE: My Assistant: My Guide Miracle Assistant: Shows Party’s all relevant information while issuing sales or purchase vouchersc

  4. SALE:Track Items Sold Last Time Item Sold To this party last time with rate and discount

  5. SALE:Adjust Sale Return Challans Adjust Sale Return Challans in sales Entry

  6. Self Designable Billing Format. Use Logo, Fonts, Lines, Colors anything Items Returned through sale return challans automatically displayed in bill Automatically bifurcate Vat & Surcharge

  7. Create Batch at the time of Purchase / Sale Shows Item’s Relevant Info at runtime Party’s last rate, stock and expiry etc. Create or modify Batch at Runtime [Press F3 to create] No need to create separately

  8. Adjust C.D., Schemes, T.D., Add. Discounts Configure and adjust additional discounts like C.D. Schemes. etc.

  9. Party Wise / Company WiseDiscount Setting Set Party wise Company Wise Discounts % For Cash and Credit Billing

  10. Party Wise Special Rate Setting Remembering Each Party’s rates for each item Very Tough..! No need to remember special rates and item wise discounts for each party and each item

  11. Daily Analysis:Your business at your dashboard

  12. Monthly Analysis:Intelligent & accurate reporting

  13. Summaries: Move Your Business @ 360°

  14. Track Sale Bills: Very Fast; Very Quick Filter any record by name, mobile, bill no. etc. Tax Details of this bill Items Sold in this bill Paging Technology for quick reporting See Ledger entry

  15. Stock Report: Track Stock from any angle

  16. Evaluate your Stock: Track Expiry

  17. Bill Wise; Area Wise;Collection Sheet Print Collection Sheet Group Wise / City Wise

  18. Account Statement: With Complete Detailsc Show Cash Bills along with credit bills Print Item Details in Statement

  19. Create Account: Manage each detail with CRM Record CRM With Birthday & Anniversary Manage Customer Credit Limit

  20. Address Book: Maintain Customers Maintain Relations; Find any record by Name, Group, City etc. With birthday to parties this month Sort Parties by any field

  21. VAT Reports; Summaries;Registers

  22. Retail Sale; High Speed Billing;Very Fast Manage Patient Details with Doctor Ref. Configure Additional fields to record diagnosis Fast Billing

  23. More Features; More Benefits;More Profit • More In-Built Bill Formats • Cheque Printing • Opening Stock Editor • Opening Balance Editor • Manage Customer Relationships • No need to learn Accounts or computers • Daily Reminders & Scheduler • User Rights • Adjust Challans and return challans in Bills

  24. Download Miracle • How To Download • Visit • Download Miracle Setup • Download Solver Support • Install Both Setups and Enjoy • KHUSH RAHOTARAKKI KARO