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Why Manufacturers Emphasis on Using Herbal Tooth Paste? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Manufacturers Emphasis on Using Herbal Tooth Paste?

Why Manufacturers Emphasis on Using Herbal Tooth Paste?

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Why Manufacturers Emphasis on Using Herbal Tooth Paste?

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  1. Why Manufacturers Emphasis on Using Herbal Tooth Paste? Earlier there were limited brands that were offering herbal tooth paste, but today, there are several herbal tooth paste manufacturers supplying their products in supermarket and health shop and stores. As consumers have become aware of the harsh chemicals used to prepare normal toothpaste, they have started using herbal or ayurvedic products for their personal care. Do you ever thought what ingredients they use to prepare natural toothpaste? Well, in Ayurveda, there are several herbs that keep your gum problems at bay and make your teeth super strong. Manufacturing companies of natural paste use a variety of different herbs that work like traditional toothpastes and fight plaque and gum diseases. They claim that their products are best and most consumers prefer them over

  2. traditional toothpastes due to several reasons. People are buying these natural products as these are not tested on animals. But this is just not a reason; others who are keen to protect the environment or are sensitive to the ingredients used in traditional toothpastes are opting for herbal tooth pastes as they contain no artificial flavoring or colors. People taking homeopathy treatment are also liking these herbal tooth paste range, which doesn't have mint because doctors claim that mint may interfere with the effectiveness of homeopathy treatment. These are fluoride free products. Although fluoride has been used for years as the best way to fight tooth decay by making enamel strong, but in recent years, there has been controversy over the use of fluoride. Experts suggest parents not to use traditional toothpaste as younger ones may suffer from a condition called fluorosis, which makes their teeth mottled. However, many people find it as another theory of science to rule over human mind. But still, herbal tooth paste manufacturers have bright future. As people are taking their health seriously, they have adopted ‘natural living'. It means they are having natural diet, they are using all natural things to prevent themselves from any damage that may cause by harsh chemicals and ingredients. And herbal or natural tooth paste is one of the products that ensure they are using right thing. This Article is originally Posted on - manufacturers-emphasis-on-using-herbal-tooth-paste