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Long term finance

Learn about long terms loans in this presentation for solving your financial problems.

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Long term finance

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  1. Long Term Finance 24 By 7 Loans

  2. Introduction A loan is amount of borrowed money by bank of any loan firm. Which is repaid in the future according to a pre-arranged schedule and at a specified rate of interest. A monetary loan that has to be repaid in regular payments over a set period of time is referred to as a longterm loan.

  3. . Term loans are a good way of quickly increasing capital. • One thing to consider when getting a term loan is whether the interest rate is fixed or floating

  4. CHARACTERISTICS OF Long Term LOANS • Repayment Schedule • Interest • Security • Eligibility • Guarantor

  5. BENEFITS OF TERM LOAN • Repayment style - choose from capital and interest, capital only or interest only • Repayment frequency - pick the frequency that suits you from monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly • Staged drawdown - save on interest costs and enjoy lower initial payments • Make one-off repayments - use surplus cash to reduce interest charges and benefit your business • Flexibility

  6. Who can have a Long Term Loan? • It is an attractive fast unsecured loan for new or expanding enterprises, as they have huge time to repay the loan amount and it is assumed that they will increase their profit over time. • For raising a business supply capabilities or range, term loans are a good way of increasing capital in a short span of time

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