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Welcome to sentences

Welcome to sentences

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Welcome to sentences

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  1. Welcome to sentences Before looking at sentences, let’s take a look at what the symbols mean. Click Here to begin

  2. These are symbols you will see • Clicking on this button will move you to the next page. • Clicking on this button will take you to the previous page. • If you want to know more use this button.

  3. What is a sentence? • A sentence is a group of words that make sense on their own. • The following pages show some examples.

  4. These are all sentences Jeff is always late for work. Sound the fire alarm! Why do you drive so fast? We will need more heating on site. Can I have some petty cash please? I would agree with that.

  5. A sentence can be a statement The phone is off the hook. That will cost five pounds. A sentence always begins with a capital letter click below to see them all

  6. A sentence can be a question • Is that stack safe? • Will you be driving?

  7. A sentence can be an exclamation What a brilliant goal! Look out below!

  8. A sentence could be a wish I wish I could have a pay rise. I wish this bolt was easier to undo.

  9. Or a command • You must stop that at once. • Make sure you use that torch safely.

  10. A request • Please be careful when you throw this away.

  11. Remember A sentence must begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Exclamation marks and question marks have a full stop underneath them.?!

  12. A sentence must have both a subject and a verb

  13. A subject is a thing or personand a verb is a doing word. The coffeeis cold. The telephonerings. Subject Verb Subject Verb Sentence Subject Plus Verb =

  14. The telephonerings. The freezeris cold. We are visiting the London Eye. The flooris slippery The signsaid stop. The peoplecouldn’t hear me. How did youdo? Click on the words to find out if they are subjects or verbs

  15. Thank you for taking the time to revise your sentences The end Click here to go back to the beginning

  16. Subject

  17. Verb