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LED Disk Downlights Best For Residential Areas PowerPoint Presentation
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LED Disk Downlights Best For Residential Areas

LED Disk Downlights Best For Residential Areas

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LED Disk Downlights Best For Residential Areas

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  1. LED Downlight Fixtures

  2. Switch To LED Downlight Fixtures Over The Conventional Lights To Have Energy-Saving Option We most of the time firmly believe that it’s the classy furniture and the antiques that are making any place more lively, but in addition to all these, you also need proper lights to make the place look more lively and refreshing. If the indoor commercial or residential place lacks proper lights, you are doing justice with the kept furniture. If you run a restaurant and want to make the look more glorying, you can install LED downlight fixtures as they play a leading role in uplifting the looks of the surroundings. You can install 8’’ LED downlights among many others.

  3. Other Benefits of Using LED Downlight Fixtures are as Follows • You can easily install these LED downlight fixtures at the inside locations. • Replace 200w of existing lights with these 30w LED downlights to have more than 80% energy savings. • Also the lumen output is 2250 lumens. • You can dim the lights to make more savings. • No hazardous waste materials are found inside these LED downlights. • They are 100% environmentally safe products. • Also they are IP44 rated thus making them protected in case of dust or water as well. • You can use them in wet or damp locations as well. • They are ETL certified lights. • Also you will get 5 years of warranty from the manufacture’ end on purchasing these lights. • So install LED downlight fixtures at the homes, offices or other places as well, the availability of these lights in multiple different designs and styles allows the end user to pick the lights as per the lighting need and overall ambience.

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