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Hlogen downlights vs LED downlights PowerPoint Presentation
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Hlogen downlights vs LED downlights

Hlogen downlights vs LED downlights

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Hlogen downlights vs LED downlights

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  1. HalogenDownlightsvsLEDDownlights 01 LED downlights or ceiling downlights are the perfect lighting solutions for hollow ceiling openings. They appear like a torchlight directing light from the ceiling hole. LED downlights are popular in the hospitality and retail sectors because their design blends perfectly with the architecture of the building.

  2. ReplaceHalogenDownlightswithLEDDownlights 02 LED technology is changing the way Australians light their homes. Under the Victorian government LED light replacement scheme – the Victorian Energy Upgrades program (VEU) – Ecofin Solutions is offering free replacement for halogen downlights with energy-saving LED downlights to Victorian households and businesses.

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  4. AreYouEligiblefortheVEET/VEUScheme? 04 The VEU scheme is available to households or businesses located within Victoria and free upgrade only applies to ceiling downlights. If you are using old downlights in your house or business, you are eligible for the LED upgrade. There are about 36 energy efficiency activities listed under the VEU program and LED downlight upgrade (Activity 21, halogen to LED upgrade) for households or businesses is one of them.

  5. CommonProblemswithHalogenDownlights 05 Lower light output: Halogen downlights consume huge power and convert most of it (over 90%) into heat, leading to lower light output. This makes them highly inefficient. High heat emission makes them susceptible to fire hazards. Risk of fire: The heat emitted from halogen bulbs not only increases the temperature of a place but also risks of household/workplace fire. On the other hand, LEDs stay cool because they don’t have a filament unlike in halogen bulbs.

  6. Shorter lifespan: Halogen downlights have a shorter lifespan as compared to LED downlights. Halogen downlights last 2,000 hours whereas LED downlights last up to 10 years, which means you won’t have to bother changing them for a long time. A thin filament inside the halogen downlights blows out quite frequently, thus a small lifespan. Environmental impact: As mentioned above, halogen bulbs consume very high energy in comparison to LED lights. Plus their lifespan is shorter, this means more waste going to landfills, more bulbs being produced and more energy used in production. 05

  7. BenefitsofLEDDownlights 05 The following are the major advantages of LED downlights over halogens Reduced energy bills. Reduced fire hazard Less maintenance & replacement costs. Better For The Environment Better light quality Long lifespan Easy to install SOURCE