why led downlights rule the roost in indoor n.
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Feature And Types Of LED Downlights PowerPoint Presentation
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Feature And Types Of LED Downlights

Feature And Types Of LED Downlights

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Feature And Types Of LED Downlights

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  1. Why LED DOWNLIGHTS Rule The Roost In Indoor Lighting Products?

  2. Introduction As the name suggests, these downlights are meant to illuminate any indoor space by throwing the light down and often with a beam angle of 120 degree. LED Downlights help alter your mood by bringing a change in the ambience of any living space. Further, these lights improve the aesthetics of living spaces and thus come to be known as perfect light fixtures in indoor category of lighting products.  These downlights by being recessed into ceilings appear as though lights are coming off straight from the ceilings and hence great for congested ceiling spaces. For knowing more about LED downlight, we must understand the major types of LED downlights and its features. LED Downlights: The Most Common Types LED downlights may be categorized on the basis of size, shape, and dimming ability. Based on Size These may be available in sizes of 4 inch, ⅚ inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch. The user has variety of size choices to choose from when one can choose depending on the size of his application.

  3. Based on Shape Baffle-trim LED downlight, eyeball-trim LED downlight, LED square downlight and disk LED downlight. If baffle-trim downlight is preferred because of its anti-glare quality, the eyeball-trim is popular because of the adjustment in beam angle it allows for accent lighting. On the other hand, a square shaped LED downlight emits light in square fashion, the disk LED downlight is elegant-looking fixture and the one that can easily fit into spaces where congestion rules the space. The disk downlights have come to be in use mainly in hospitality businesses. The Main Features of LED Downlights • One of the reasons LED downlights can easily be found in retail businesses is their high CRI. The Color Rendering Index of 90+ ensures objects and spaces reflect their true color as closely as possible to natural light. Here, the objects will reveal their colors up to 90% efficiency. Thus, clothing or jewelry businesses benefit a lot from such downlights. • These downlights being compatible with most standard dimmers available in the market provides for dimming in the range of 0-10V. This helps you save energy on top of what you already save by installing LED downlight in place of any conventional light such as halogen. • If a downlight uses anywhere from 9W-40W to provide the same amount of brightness (which depends on the amount of lumens) as a halogen light can provide at 35W and up, you know which one is more energy-efficient. • If a halogen bulb can last for a maximum of 15,000 hours, LED downlights will not last less than 50,000 hours.  If maintained well, these downlights can last longer. • LED downlights do not waste light unlike halogen lights. Halogen bulbs waste lot of light in form of heat.

  4. Conclusion Where else can you get such excellent features and wide variety of choices, if it’s not for LED downlight?  These LED downlights are also easy to install and can be installed in few easy steps.