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LED downlights

LED downlights

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LED downlights

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  1. LED Downlights Disk Light Downlight Baffle Downlight Eyeball Downlight Square Downlight

  2. Dimmable LED Disk Downlight T color of objects and surfaces would look as real and natural as they would under natural light. This retrofit downlight comes in 3 color temperatures such as 3000K, 4000K & 5000K to provide you with ambient lighting, task lighting and display lighting options. This downlight can easily fit in housing can without much effort and hence an easy installation process. The beam angle of 270 degree for this downlight allows you to illuminate large spaces rather than highlighting a specific area in consideration and which also diminishes the need for too many downlights in one single space. he dimmable LED disk downlight comes in aluminium smooth trim design that can be fitted in limited plenum space. This downlight can conveniently replace 65W of halogen downlight, helping you to save aleast 88% of electricity consumption. This LED disk downlight has a CRI of 90+ and that means the With this product, you can be eligible for rebates as it has all the necessary approvals and certifications. A 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty provides you with a risk-free usage option. 2 Variants 2 5/6-inch Dimmable LED Disk Downlights - 15Watt 4-inch Dimmable LED Disk Downlight - 10Watt

  3. Features Easy Installation The installation of this dimmable LED downlight takes place in easy steps with first switching off the power supply and then taking out the existing downlight from the fixture. Next, you must twist the adapter in the socket and then insert connector into the socket. Insert the dimmable LED downlight trip. No Dark Spots Nowhere you will find any dark spot when using this dimmable LED downlight in its full non-dimming mode. The light distributed is uniform and even with a light spread at a wider beam angle. Premium LED Chips We use the SMD LED chips as one of the premium LED chips on board for best results. For this product, SMD type is 2835. Ultra Wide Beam The dimmable LED downlight utilizes a wide beam angle of 120 degree to illuminate large spaces when your objective is to have a non-directional light. The distribution of light is in such a way that no specific objects are highlighted and rather the light distribution is uniform and even. 3 UV and Mercury Free The dimmable LED downlight is free from any ultra-violet radiation that may interfere with the immune system of the human body, cause skin cancer and many other diseases including that of the human eyes.

  4. LED Downlights Overview Email: | Customar Care number: 888-972-6211