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Traveling Tips for seniors

Whether you’re visiting family for the holidays or crossing off a vacation on your bucket list, traveling as an older person can have unique challenges.<br>http://www.homecareassistancelincoln.com/

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Traveling Tips for seniors

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  1. Traveling Tips for seniors

  2. Whether you’re visiting family for the holidays or crossing off a vacation on your bucket list, traveling as an older person can have unique challenges. Fortunately, when you know your limitations, and you plan wisely, your trip can go as smoothly as possible. Consider the following things when you make your travel arrangements.

  3. Request Accommodations! Needing help isn’t a sign of weakness. Hotels, airlines and other companies can make accommodations that are right for you. For instance, you could request a first floor room at the hotel so that you won’t have to worry about taking the stairs in the case of an emergency. Airlines may allow you to sit toward the front of the plane or in an aisle seat to make it easier for you to get on and off. Even if you don’t normally require a wheelchair, you can ask the airline staff to provide one and take you from gate to gate. In large airports, this makes it easier to get from place to place.

  4. Remember Safety! Seniors may seem like easy targets for theft. Protect yourself by keeping your wallet in your front pocket, by wearing a money belt around the waist or by carrying your purse with the strap across your chest. All of these make it more difficult for someone to take your wallet. It’s also wise to keep your cash in the bank, carrying only what you’ll need for the day.

  5. Pack Light! Take a few mix-and-match type outfits rather than packing your entire closet. A smaller suitcase is easier to manage whether you’re taking a plane or driving. Remember to pack the things that you might need, like medications, into a carry-on bag so that they are easily accessible, even if the bag gets lost.

  6. Be Healthy! When you’re sitting in the same place for a long time, you may be more likely to get a life-threatening blood clot in your legs. Compression stockings can reduce the risk of this, but it’s also smart to take frequent walking breaks to get the blood moving. If you’re most seniors, you probably take a few different medications each day, and it’s important to remember to take those medications on time. That can be hard when you’re not following your usual schedule. Try setting an alarm to go off to remind you to take your medicine.

  7. Consider Senior-Friendly Options! When you make your travel plans, look for companies that specialize in travel for seniors. Choosing a cruise or all-inclusive resort can make it easier for you because you’ll have everything you need in one place. Packaged tours may be more convenient than cobbling together your schedule. Retirement means that you have more time to travel, but you want to be smart about it. Always think about your unique needs when scheduling vacation plans.

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