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Our History

Our History

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Our History

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  1. Established in 1947 through the efforts of industry, professional societies and academic leaders Our History

  2. Getting Things Done Mission- “To strengthen the metal casting industry by supporting unique partnerships among students, educators and industry, helping today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders”

  3. During the past 60 years, FEF has evolved to make sure our industry has the best and brightest students. In recent years, this American foundation has expanded into Canada and Mexico, reaching more students in these countries Getting Things Done

  4. Scholarships to outstanding students in metal casting programs Funding for lab equipment, supplies, and student metal casting activities Accrediting college programs to FEF criteria Getting Things Done

  5. Practical programs that respond to change through Key Professors Bringing together industry, graduating students and Key Professors at the Annual College Industry Conference (CIC) Getting Things Done

  6. Scholarships More than $11M of support since 1947 Over 85% of funds disbursed for scholarships On average, 75% of scholarship recipients go into industry Nearly 3,000 scholarships awarded in the last 10 years Impact On Industry

  7. FEF Accreditation Check the soundness of metal casting programs at FEF Accredited schools Personal commitment of the FEF Key Professor to mentor students Insure local industrial involvement with metal casting advisory groups Record of placement in our industry Impact On Industry

  8. Attracting Students In last 25 Years, tuition & fees up 571% During the same time, FEF scholarships up 301% Consequently, FEF scholarships now only 2/3 effective as compared to 25 years ago FEF’s Challenge

  9. ►FEF has a small staff because of volunteers like you! ►FEF’s started with large industry contributions ►Increasingly, income & capital gains from investments are needed to augment expenses and keep FEF funds competitive ►We need to grow FEF’s impact by increasing scholarships & discretionary funding with your annual increased support FEF’s Challenge Contributions - Volunteers

  10. Giving Options Include: Cash Publicly Traded Securities Life Insurance Policies Endowments Estate Plans – Saugus Society Ways To Give