our history our future n.
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Our History… Our Future? PowerPoint Presentation
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Our History… Our Future?

Our History… Our Future?

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Our History… Our Future?

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  1. Our History… Our Future?

  2. There are many people who want the League of Women Voters – they don’t know that they want us, but they want what we have to give. • Anna Lord Strauss, LWV President (1944-50)

  3. To consider well before undertaking action and to prepare well before beginning to act – this may be called a religion with the League of Women Voters. It is true that the important thing about a religion is that it shall remain alive and effective, and that the dangerous stage in all religions comes when ritual, designed to give effect to, tends to become a substitute for religion. -Marguerite Wells, LWV President (1934-44)

  4. Hard working women have no time to waste over theories. They want to know how government touches them and the things they are familiar with. The work that we ask of them as good citizens must be made to fit into their other work…Very few of them will come to us. We shall have to go to them and it will be useless to go with any dry-as-dust appeal. They must be made to feel the thrill in their possibilities as voting citizens. Youth likes adventure and there is no greater adventure than this of ours to make democracy real. -Maud Wood Park, LWV President (1920-24)

  5. …there is a work and a big, tremendous work for the League of Women Voters to do, that there is the old comradeship, that there is a new inspiration, that there is a broader field for work which opens before you and that the League of Women Voters is going to give the greatest service in all the world to womanhood…So I look to the League of Women Voters to really lead us out of this stage of discontent, which is common to our own country and to all the others in the world. - Carrie Chapman Catt, LWV Founder (1920)