the most popular perfumes by the arabian oud perfume n.
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The Most Popular Perfumes by the Arabian Oud Perfume PowerPoint Presentation
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The Most Popular Perfumes by the Arabian Oud Perfume

The Most Popular Perfumes by the Arabian Oud Perfume

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The Most Popular Perfumes by the Arabian Oud Perfume

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  1. The Most Popular Perfumes by the Arabian OudPerfume About The Best Perfume Brand Arabian Oud Perfume

  2. Mukhallat is the Arabic word for “mix.” It is commonly used to describe exotic perfumes. Arabian Oud has been producing the highest-quality eau de toilette and essential oil products for several years. Their creations have been worn by royalty and celebrities the world over, and they are highly sought after by many. The following are a few of the most popular choices in Arabian Oud perfumes.

  3. Kalemat– This extremely popular fragrance for women and men consists of top notes of blueberry and anise, middle notes of rosemary, cashmere wood, and floral scents, and base notes of musk, amber, and honey. One of their few perfumes without Oud as its base, the flavor of Kalemat is described as warm and soothing. The long-lasting bouquet is said to be very sensual with a feel much like velvet.

  4. Seher Al Kalemat (Kalemat Black) – Designed for both women and men, this popular essential oil contains top notes of olibanum (frankincense) and basil. The middle note is vanilla. The base notes are the old familiars, Oud and amber. Users have described the aura of Kalemat Black as sweet, yet resinous, reminding one of the aromatic wood from which its base note is derived. Different notes arrive at the fore as time passes, and the spicy oud scent blends effortlessly with the vanilla.

  5. King Fahed– This subtle and refined elixir for men achieves its popularity by containing aromatic notes of rose, Oud, patchouli, and musk. The first scent to be noticed is the Oud, followed by the power of the rose. Next comes the musk essence, joining the first two notes in balance. Finally, the patchouli rises to the olfactory senses to create the perfect foursome of fragrances. Although designed for men, it is equally effective on women, too.

  6. Al Hamra– Nominated for a Fifi award, the Oscar of the perfume world, this popular perfume for women has top notes comprised of the crisp scent of apple blossoms. In the middle lie the light, floral aromas of rose, jasmine, and lilac. Balsam and musk complete the effusion as the base notes. Considered to possess a more fruit-like tone that does not strike the senses strongly, this may be the perfect introduction for Westerners to the world of Mukhallat perfumes. These are but four of the over 150 different and exquisite fragrances available to clients from the Arabian Oud perfumery.

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