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Designing Competition Formats PowerPoint Presentation
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Designing Competition Formats

Designing Competition Formats

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Designing Competition Formats

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  1. Designing Competition Formats

  2. Designing Competition Formats Guiding Principles Students get equal playing time learning to play different positions. Emphasis is on TEAM, & team performance.

  3. General Competition Formats Progressive competitions Event Model Dual Meet Model Round Robin Tournament Tabloids (Skill Challenge Circuits)

  4. General Competition Formats Progressive competitions Season progresses from. 1 v 1 to 2 v 2 to perhaps 4 v 4. Competition based on skill & experience to ensure teams are balanced. Can also be based on changes in field space, equipment, etc.

  5. General Competition Formats Event Model Common format for sport like track & field, gymnastics, & swimming. Team members compete individually, but each performance counts to a total team score.

  6. General Competition Formats Event Model (cont’d.) Early season focus is on a) technique and fitness development b) determining team representatives for indiv. events. Mid-season then includes a series of team competitions. End-of-season includes a celebratory event that could take several lesson, depending on the number of events.

  7. General Competition Formats Dual Meet Model Two teams compete where each is represented by individuals or pairs. Teams typically compete in singles and doubles competitions. Common format for racquet games. (such as the Davis Cup for international tennis)

  8. General Competition Formats Round Robin Format Each team plays every other team during a season (at least once). Scope of the competition depends on the number of teams and levels of graded competition).

  9. General Competition Formats Round Robin Format (cont’d. ) Organizational dilemma: Larger number of teams Solution: Create multiple divisions

  10. General Competition Formats Round Robin Format (cont’d. ) Progressive Competition Variation: • Use progressive competition, by splitting the season in half; with games during the second half of the season being technically & tactically more complex. • After first half of the season, teams review performance and prepare for second half.

  11. General Competition Formats Tournament Format Compass Tournament (non-elimination) Ladder & Pyramid tournament

  12. General Competition Formats Nonsport Competition Formats Excellent format for dance competition Teams become “companies” Non-performing roles include: > Choreographer; Leader; Reviewer or critic; Dance judge, Master of Ceremonies, etc.

  13. General Competition Formats Culminating Events ALL authentic sport experiences end with a culminating event. ALERT!: In Sport Education ALL teams participate in the culminating event. Can include both competitive and social elements.

  14. General Competition Formats Culminating Events (cont’d.) Awards & recognition should target not only winning teams, but also contribution to roles & fairplay. Essential to making the sport experience festive.

  15. General Competition Formats Culminating Events (cont’d.) Options for culminating events: • Awards Banquet • Guest Speaker • Championship games (interdivisional finals) • Team-based Skill Challenges (i.e. pro- league all-star games) Requires A LOT of forethought and planning!