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Interview With Rivers Corbett PowerPoint Presentation
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Interview With Rivers Corbett

Interview With Rivers Corbett

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Interview With Rivers Corbett

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  1. Interview With Rivers Corbett

  2. Bio • Rivers owns Relish Gourmet Burgers, The Jukebox of the 21st Century and The Chef Group • He has 3 three children • Rivers has won Entrepreneur Of The Year and was featured on Canada’s Hottest Start-ups list and Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies list. • Rivers Corbett attended University of New Brunswick and Mount Allison University.

  3. 1. What made you want to start your own business? • It was in his DNA. • He listened to what his interests were and found that he loved business. • He said that entrepreneurs were born but still had to take the steps to get there.

  4. 2. Is it stressful having your own business? • Yes! • Its hard when you do not have a good attitude or plan . • Also, when you hit a wall you need the drive to get back up again. • Money makes it stressful.

  5. 3. What kind of attitude to you have to have? • You need a good, positive attitude. You need to learn from your mistakes.

  6. 4. Is it better to be an employer or an employee? • The world needs both employers and employees, they are equally important. • He said that it depends on your DNA if you would be better at one or the other. • When you are an entrepreneur you need to have an employer attitude or the business will not get the attention that it needs to grow. • Your business is an investment, not a job.

  7. 5. How long have you been and entrepreneur for? • 16 years.

  8. 6. How did you decide you run your own business? • I always had the desire to do it. • I always had good bosses and jobs. But I did once had a really awful boss who really opened my mind about running a business. • He was the worst and best thing that could have happened.

  9. 7. When do you plan on retiring? • My definition of retiring is doing something you love everyday. • I love what I do everyday, I will always be in business. • In my opinion, I am already retired. • I might take longer periods off at a time, but I will never be out of business.

  10. 8. Would you recommend that other people start their own business? • Yes! • I think you should explore it and see if it is right for you because it is not right for everyone.

  11. 9. How hard was it when you started out? • It was very hard, • I didn’t know much and I had few resources. We didn’t have business classes or entrepreneurship classes when I was in school.

  12. 10. Who helped you? • My dad, he had his own business also. • He really had a passion for business also.