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CPD Seminar

CPD Seminar

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CPD Seminar

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  1. CPD Seminar “Specifying appropriate rainwater systems to achieve your Architectural vision” Presented by …………………

  2. Agenda Part 1 – Aims & Outcomes Brett Martin Group of companies Industry Standards Part 2– Influencing factors in specifying materials Cost of materials & installation Function Performance – long term maintenance Environment & Sustainability Health & Safety Part 3 - Design & installation Part 4– Case Studies – Location & Conservation Conclusion Questions & Samples

  3. Aims To outline the influencing factors when specifying traditional rainwater systems. To Improve the understanding of Rainwater & Soil systems and the requirements for these products. To offer an alternative; A product which combines authentic detailing & period design together with the economic & practical benefits associated with modern materials.

  4. Outcomes Alter Attitudes Gain a better understanding Improve knowledge Make informed choices Offer an alternative

  5. The Brett Martin Group Manufacturing GRP profiled sheet in 1958. Manufacturing sites in N Ireland & Derbyshire. 3 Manufacturing sectors Roofing Products Semi-Finished Products Plumbing & Drainage Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage Products are sold through a network of Independent Builders & Plumbers Merchants

  6. A Global Company 6 Sites in the UK Active in over 70 countries £120 million turnover 800 employees

  7. Brett Martin – reducing it’s impact on the environment All products are manufactured in the UK All vehicles are Euro 5 – which conforms to the highest levels of emissions reduction for the UK & European market. A selection of products are manufactured using recycled materials. The company have set targets for reducing it’s impact on the environment through onsite activities

  8. Industry Standards Products comply with Building Regulations Part H Drainage & Waste disposal

  9. Industry Standards Rainwater systems satisfy the requirements of the following; European Standards BS EN ISO 9001 EN 12200-1:2000 EN 607:1996 EN 1462:1997 EN 1329-1:2000 EN 681:1996 Standards apply to extruded gutters & downpipes and injection moulded fittings.

  10. Industry Standards Soil & Waste systems are manufactured, as applicable, to the following standards; BS 4514: 1983 Replaced by EN 1329:2000 Standards apply to extruded pipes and injection moulded fittings.

  11. Industry Standards As a BSI Registered Company all sites have achieved BS EN ISO 9001:2008

  12. Part 2– Influencing factors when specifying materials Cost of materials & installation Function Design features Performance – long term maintenance Environment – sustainability Health & Safety

  13. Cost of materials & installation The cost of building materials is a major consideration in specification. Specifying the appropriate rainwater systems will significantly reduce installation time & labour.

  14. Prestige Homes – 8 Dwellings on Whitwell Green, Nottinghamshire Plot 1 South Elevation East Elevation North Elevation West Elevation Plot 4 West Elevation South Elevation East Elevation North Elevation

  15. Prestige Homes – 8 Dwellings on Whitwell Green, Nottinghamshire

  16. Prestige Homes – 8 Dwellings, Whitwell Green, Nottinghamshire Brett Martin Cascade price list dated April 2010 Marley Alutec price list dated April 2010 Saint Gobain Classic CI price list, April 2009 Brett Martin STD Plastic price list dated April 2010

  17. Influencing factors when specifying materials

  18. Influencing factors when specifying materials

  19. Performance & Long Term Maintenance Cast Iron Redecoration to prevent corrosion, Gutters may facture and leak where bolt fixings rust Leaking pipe work leads to external & internal damp problems Staining of external walls

  20. Design & Installation The amount of rainwater collected by a given roof area largely determines the choice of gutter system used and the number & positioning of the outlets. Part 2– Influencing factors when specifying materials Health & Safety

  21. Part 2 – Influencing factors – Health & Safety Construction has the largest number of injuries compared to other main industry groups. Compared to other industries, construction has the highest proportion of reported injuries caused by falls from height. On average 12 people a year die at work falling from ladders.

  22. Influencing factors - Health & Safety Plastic is a lightweight material Safer to handle-reduces risk of injury Simple cutting methods - No power tools required Low maintenance material, reducing the requirements for ladders or scaffolding. Safer to work with at height Reduced chance of injury caused by falling gutters due to weather extremities, such as heavy snow fall.

  23. Part 3 - Design & Installation

  24. Design & Installation Rainfall Record Rainfall Summer 2007 Summer (May to July) 2007 recorded the wettest period since records began in 1766 England & Wales received 414mm, (16 inches) of rainfall. The insurance costs to home & Business is estimated £3 billion.

  25. Design & Installation Rainfall Rainfall 2008 Flooding of homes and businesses across parts of the South-West Midlands, South and Mid Wales. On the 6th September, flooding affected North East England. Morpeth in Northumberland was badly hit with some 1000 properties flooded.

  26. Design & Installation Rainfall Rainfall 2009 Cumbria In Workington a road bridge collapsed, effectively cutting off half the town, The town centre of Cockermouth was under 2 metres of flood water

  27. Design & Installation Domestic Rainwater Systems

  28. Design & Installation Domestic Rainwater Systems Choosing the right gutter! 106mm Pro-Style & 115mm Deep-style The profiles offer high levels of efficiency Up to 50% greater flow capacity. The potential to reduce downpipes & underground drainage Complement building design Reduce cost.

  29. Design & Installation Domestic Rainwater Systems 100m² Roof area Assuming gutter run is level 100m² Roof Area

  30. Design & Installation Domestic Rainwater Systems 350m² Roof area Assuming the gutter run is level 350m² Roof Area

  31. Design & Installation Domestic Rainwater Systems Sloping Roof In the case of simple roof slopes, the effective roof area is derived from the formula B+(C/2)xL. B=half roof span (4m) C=ridge to eaves height (4m) L=slope length (10m) E=effective roof area (60m²)

  32. Design & Installation Domestic Rainwater Systems Building Regulations H3 Formula – D x L x 1.50 = 60m² 4M - D 10M 45°

  33. Design & Installation Domestic Rainwater Systems Typical Installation of gutters fitted to fascia board

  34. Design & Installation Alternative gutter support methods Rise & Fall Brackets Top/Side Rafter Brackets

  35. Design & Installation High Capacity Rainwater Systems 160mm Roundstyle Gutter

  36. Design & Installation Gutter support spacing Gutters support spacing should NOT EXCEED900mm. However, Roofs with a pitch exceeding 35 deg or Roofs with smooth surfaces or Areas subject to heavy snow loading Gutter support spacing should NOT EXCEED 600mm

  37. Design & Installation Downpipes Pipes are 1.8m in length, Socketed with fixing lugs

  38. Design & Installation Installation of Downpipes Expansion allowance should be taken into consideration for thermal movement Pipes should be retracted 5mm (68mm) & 10mm (105mm) before being fixed to the building.

  39. Design & Installation - Hoppers Authentic Hopper styles & designs provide an opportunity for the client to individualise their rainwater systems

  40. Design & Installation Offset Bends Offset bends are pre-set to replicate the appearance of traditional cast iron. Sizes range from 75mm to 455mm

  41. Design & Installation Downpipe Shoes The shoe adds authentic detailing to maximise the traditional appearance. A shoe is used to divert water into a drainage outlet or onto a paved area away from the building

  42. Design & Installation Soil system To compliment the rainwater systems: The soil system is ‘push-fit’ a standard system with a textured paint coating applied • 110mm socketed pipes • Lengths of 2.5m

  43. Design & Installation Soil system - Shroud To maximise the traditional appearance a shrouded collar is used, developed to fit around pipe sockets and connections between pipes & fittings.

  44. Design & Installation - Colour Options 5 heritage colours available

  45. Part 4 - Case Studies – Location & Conservation Conclusion Questions & Samples

  46. Location & Conservation English Heritage – Conservation Principles, Policies & Guidance ‘The use of materials or techniques with proven longevity, and which are close matches for those being repaired or replaced, tends to carry a low risk of future harm. By contrast, the long-term effects of using materials or techniques that are innovative and relatively untested are much less certain.’ ‘Sometimes the use of original materials and techniques for repair can destroy more of the original fabric, and any decoration it carries,