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Vehicle Emissions Testing Equipment PowerPoint Presentation
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Vehicle Emissions Testing Equipment

Vehicle Emissions Testing Equipment

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Vehicle Emissions Testing Equipment

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  1. Vehicle Emissions Testing Equipment Trinidad and Tobago UNFCCC Workshop on Innovative Options for Financing the Results of Technology Needs Assessments Bonn 20-21 October 2005

  2. Background Vehicle exhausts Quality and type of fuel design and engineering Age and population Engine operating conditions maintenance Emission control devices

  3. Background Current circumstances Ground transportation consists entirely of motorised road vehicles (no rail systems) Estimated rate of increase of 20,000 vehicles per year (all types; majority privately owned) significant increase in vehicle fleet over past few years Increase in GHG emissions, ground level ozone generation Impacts on environment human health monitoring data suggests generation of ground level ozone coincides with peak traffic times

  4. Background Current Inspection Regime Requires vehicles to be certified for road worthiness No emissions testing Current legislation provides for visible vapour penalty Emissions standards developed Testing conducted by private garages certified by Ministry of Works and Transport ~ 26 USD once every two years ; 8 USD goes to consolidated fund 75 garages doing inspections (expected to increase)

  5. Background Proposed Inspection Regime Emissions testing to be incorporated in inspection regime Legislative amendments Incorporation of emissions standards Use of emission control devices Revise fuel specifications Alternative fuels (CNG) On-the-spot testing by authorised personnel that would attract a fine (environmental police, traffic management )

  6. Global and Local Benefits More efficient fuel combustion Decrease emission of GHGs Decrease in generation of ground level ozone Improvement in ambient air quality Human health benefits

  7. Barriers to Implementation Cost Potentially prohibitive on an individual garage basis, but collectively possibly feasible Human/personnel resource (training) Train-the-trainer programmes

  8. Item Estimated Cost (USD) Dynamometer for testing NOx emissions under load (including computer hard- and software and training) $18,000.00 5-gas analyzer (including training) $ 12,000.00 TOTAL $30,000.00

  9. Estimated 1200 inspections per year • Income of USD 18.00 per inspection • Net cash flow per inspection (considering table above) of USD 11.50 • Return period of 2.2 years per garage