drum lessons for kids the music school n.
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Drum Lessons For Kids

Drum Lessons For Kids

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Drum Lessons For Kids

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  1. Drum Lessons For Kids - The Music School

  2. Best Drum School For Kids In Lafayette LA  Fun facts about learning to play the Drums to inspire kids to discover their musical talents and find the right music lessons. The ASA Academy of Music offers group drum classes for kids. Group drum lessons are for the beginning drumming fundamentals. If you are looking for a way to interest your children in music, drum lessons may be a good option.  If you're considering drum lessons for a child, we take kids from as young as 5 years old. All styles, all techniques and even hand percussion are taught.

  3. Drumset Education & Lessons for Kids and Adults in Lafayette LA  ASA’s Individual & Ensemble Kids/Teen Music Lessons offer students a fun, collaborative way to learn music and grow, both academically and emotionally. ASA Kids & Teen Music Lessons are your best shot at having an engaged, passionate music student because students learn the music they want to learn. Whether your kid needs help getting ready for a college music audition, wants to sing like Rhianna or pound skins like Lars Ulrich, ASA Music has instructors to fit every bill.

  4. If you’re looking for Kids or Teen Music Lessons in Lafayette, LA, ASA Music is the standout choice.  We offer PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS with PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS for ALL AGES. Contact us today to get started!