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Welcome to MCAS Yuma, AZ PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to MCAS Yuma, AZ

Welcome to MCAS Yuma, AZ

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Welcome to MCAS Yuma, AZ

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  1. Welcome to MCAS Yuma, AZ Housing Referral Guide MCAS Yuma, AZ Housing Office 1080 Martini Ave 928-269-2826/2661

  2. Valley: West of 4th Ave, Below Ave B, varying neighborhoods, new and older subdivisions and developments, a few developments in progress, many apartment complexes (Ave B, C, D, etc.) • Counties: Outlying country and farm properties on the county roads along the perimeter of Yuma, often custom built, usually including land acreage (county 12th, 13th, 14th, etc) • Old Town: Historical Homes and early Yuma properties, close to the river and the downtown areas, much renovation in progress (1st st, 3rd St, Orange Avenue, etc) • The Avenues:Near the center of the city, roads are preceded by a numbered Avenue (6th Ave, 10th Ave, etc.), older homes, many renovations in progress, a few apartment complexes • Mid Town: Close to base, varying age of neighborhoods, includes single family, condo/townhomes (Mary Ave, Kennedy Lane, Engler Ave, etc.) • Foothills: East of the Marine base and Ave 3E, booming developments, lots of newer housing developments, also includes manufactured homes and trailer parks, extends to the base of the mountains (Fortuna, Foothills Blvd, Araby Road, etc) Major Living Areas of Yuma:

  3. While members are allowed to live within a 60 minute radius of the base, please be aware that these surrounding areas are separate cities and not connected to the City of Yuma: • Somerton, AZ: (SW) a 15-19 minute drive, can access from county 15th, or drive down Ave B. A small town, pop 10,000. A few new neighborhoods and apartment complexes. • San Luis, AZ: (SW) a 25-30 minute drive, past Somerton, a small community, within 5 minutes of the Mexican Border, a few new neighborhoods and apartment complexes . • Wellton, AZ: (E)Thetown of Wellton is about 35 minutes outside of Yuma towards Phoenix. It is a very small community – approximately 1,800 population. Golf course homes are the primary rental areas. • Winterhaven, CA: (NW) A 10 minute drive, Winterhaven is a town just off of I8W towards San Diego next to the Q resort and Casino. There are not ample rental listings here, but there are infrequent rental listings you may come across. Surrounding Communities:

  4. There are different schools for each area you may choose to rent or buy in. For the school that matches your housing area, please check the boundary maps: For Elementary and Middle School: For High School: Also, there is a School Liaison on base who can help you with your school related questions: 928-269-5373 Schools

  5. We do not currently have any areas that are off-limits to rent or buy in, in Yuma. You can use your best judgment based on the physical appearance of the surrounding area you are interested in. If you have specific questions about an area you are interested in, feel free to contact us. All rentals that are referred by MCAS Yuma Housing Department are deemed suitable, adequate, and to Marine Corps Standard for rentals. Off Limits Areas

  6. What does Housing look like around Yuma?

  7. Apartments…

  8. Condos and Townhomes…

  9. Single Family Dwellings…

  10. Looking to Rent or Buy? Visit the Automated Housing Referral Network at to find housing before you pack! Sponsored by the DoD, listings include available community rentals, military housing, shared rentals, temporary lodging and military for sale by owner (FSBO) listings. In, you will find a variety of housing options to choose from.  Listings include property descriptions, pictures, maps, links to local schools, and contact information. If you would like to rent your home, sell your home for sale by owner, or are looking for another service member as a roommate in your current home, you may post an ad free of charge on the site. Visit to start searching or posting today! Referral Resources…

  11. Property Management Listings

  12. Property Management Listings Continued…

  13. Property Management Listings Continued…

  14. Apartment Complex Listings:These are updated every few months. Please call individual complex for most up to date information.

  15. Apartment Listings Continued…

  16. We hope this information has been helpful. Please contact us for any other rental referral questions. Thank you! MCAS Yuma, AZ Housing Office 1080 Martini Ave 928-269-2826/2661