hybrid cars car of the era n.
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Benifits of Hybrid cars PowerPoint Presentation
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Benifits of Hybrid cars

Benifits of Hybrid cars

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Benifits of Hybrid cars

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  1. Hybrid Carscar of the era © Auto Relief Group

  2. What are hybrid cars Vehicles that use both a traditional engine (combustion) and a rechargeable system (typically operated by a battery) to improve mileage, cause less pollution, and decrease need for gasoline An automobile powered by both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor Most hybrid cars available today use a combination of gasoline and electric engines while some use a combination of diesel and electric engines. © Auto Relief Group

  3. Types of hybrid cars Parallel hybrid car To turn the transmission they use either its electric motor or gasoline engine. Because of this, both the electric motor and the gasoline engines are connected directly to the transmission of the car. Series hybrid car Cars which has only the electric motor which is directly connected to the transmission. In a series hybrid, the gasoline engine is only used to charge the batteries that are used to power the electric motor. © Auto Relief Group

  4. Hybrid Car Features • Regenerative Braking: Instead of using only friction to brake the car, the electric motor/generator of the hybrid car uses the excess kinetic energy to charge the batteries of the electric engine and thereby capturing some of the energy that would've been otherwise lost in the case of conventional cars. • Temporary Engine Shut-off: Since hybrid cars have two engines to power them, it they can automatically shut off the gas powered engine when the car is idle and use its electric engine to power it. This saves fuel. • Other features to maximize the fuel efficiency of hybrid cars are, • Minimal-drag tires • carbon fiber and • Other lightweight materials to reduce overall weight • Sate of the art aerodynamic designs for the body. All these things make it easier for a hybrid car to drive up inclines and accelerate, attain higher speeds as well as minimize fuel consumption and emissions. © Auto Relief Group

  5. Benefits of hybrid car • Environment friendly. They can reduce pollution by 90 percent. • Hybrid cars are much simpler to operate - less maintenance, reliable in the long run • lower emissions and better mileage. • purchase incentives for Hybrid vehicle owners (varies) • Special warranties are provided for the battery pack, the electric motor other costly items © Auto Relief Group

  6. List of Hybrid cars Cadillac Escalade Hybrid Chevy Cavalier Hybrid Chevy Malibu Hybrid Chevy Silverado Hybrid Chevy Tahoe Hybrid Ford Contour Hybrid Ford Escape Hybrid GMC Yukon Hybrid GMC Yukon Hybrid Honda Accord Hybrid Honda Civic Hybrid Honda Insight Hybrid Lexus GS Hybrid Lexus LS Hybrid Lexus RX Hybrid Mazda Tribute Hybrid Mercury Mariner Hybrid Nissan Altima Hybrid Saturn Aura Hybrid Saturn Aura Hybrids Vehicles Saturn Vue Hybrid Toyota Camery Hybrid Toyota Highlander Hybrid Toyota Prius Hybrid Volkswagen Golf Hybrid © Auto Relief Group

  7. Future Hybrid Cars Ford Fusion Toyota Camry Hybrid Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid Mercury Milan Altima Hybrid Hyundai Accent Kia Rio GMC Yukon Honda CR-V Saturn Vue Chevrolet Tahoe Mazda Tribute Mercury Mariner Toyota Highlander GM Silverado GM Sierra Dodge Ram Toyota Sienna Hybrid © Auto Relief Group

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