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Berkowits - Hair Loss Treatment- What Options Do You Have? PowerPoint Presentation
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Berkowits - Hair Loss Treatment- What Options Do You Have?

Berkowits - Hair Loss Treatment- What Options Do You Have?

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Berkowits - Hair Loss Treatment- What Options Do You Have?

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  1. Hair Loss Treatment- What Options Do You Have?

  2. Today, lifestyle diseases have plagued many working professionals, both men and women. One such frustrating lifestyle condition is hair thinning. Indeed hair loss can be a really annoying experience for millions of frustrated people affected by hair loss every year. Most of these people do not have a hint that hair loss will strike them at an early age and this is why, they fail to take preventive measures to delay the onset of hair loss. Today, a hair loss treatment from a reputed clinic offers a long-lasting and reliable solution to reverse this problem. When one talks of hair loss treatment, it is essential to first understand the procedure in its entirety since there are different kinds of treatments available to treat different kinds of hair loss. 

  3. When you visit any clinic for hair loss treatment, you would first schedule an appointment for an initial consultation with the hair loss expert at the clinic. During the first consultation, the hair loss surgeon will analyze your hair loss condition and explain to you in depth about the complexities of the condition. Hair loss is of different types. Some people lose hair at a rapid rate and suffer from baldness while some have thinning hair as well as receding hairlines. When you visit any clinic for excessive hair loss control, ensure that the professionals are well-versed with extensive Microscopic Hair Analysis (MHA ) and incorporate this during the first consultation. The MHA will not consume more than an hour and the professional should be able to present accurate results from the initial consultation. During the first consultation, the surgeon will visually inspect the scalp and detect surface causes for the hair loss condition.

  4. During the initial diagnosis, the physician will also try to assess how much of the hair loss has occurred due to contributing factors like harmful products, surgeries, stress, hormonal fluctuations and even certain medicines. Based on this diagnosis, the physician will devise an appropriate treatment program and advise you when to start the baldness treatment.

  5. Many people are under the impression that only candidates who are experiencing initial phases of hair losses are ideal for a treatment. However, they are certainly mistaken. There are different treatment options available. Some natural techniques when used in associated with laser treatment are known to be quite effective in treating baldness. Today, many people have benefited from hair transplants. Hair transplants are minimally invasive and requires local anesthesia. In a typical hair transplant procedure, the physician will extract ‘donor hair’, mostly from the sides or back of the patient’s head. The donor hair is then grafted to areas where there is hair thinning or balding. Following this, the follicles start growing again in a few months. So there is hope for all individuals facing this embarrassing situation.

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