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Unique Username for Instagram PowerPoint Presentation
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Unique Username for Instagram

Unique Username for Instagram

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Unique Username for Instagram

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  2. How to Make a Unique Username • Especially if you have a common name, having a unique username can be the difference between people finding your account and people ending up on someone else's profile.

  3. 1.Decide whether or not your actual name is unique • If you have an exceptionally unique first name, middle name, last name, or nickname, you're practically set on most websites and services. • You might want to abstain from including your full name (first, middle, and last) as your username for privacy's sake.

  4. 2.Consider your likes and interests • Making a list of things that you enjoy, from your favorite activities to your favorite animals, will give you a sizable reference of potential base words. • Many usernames are derivatives of the "adjective-noun" so having a list of nouns means that you only have to figure out an adjective.

  5. 3.Think about things that make you unique • you probably have one or two interests, traits, feelings, or habits which your friends and family attribute only to you; these are things that set you apart from the bulk of the population, making them things that you can use for your unique username.

  6. 4.Try combining two or more of your favorite things • For example, if you like pandas and orcas, you might make your username "PandaWhale" or "KillerPanda." You can create unique usernames in this way, which increases the chances of having a one-of-a-kind username.

  7. 5.Add your favorite number or word to a username • Especially if you find that a website won't accept your name because it's too similar to another user's name, you can add another word or a number to your name to help set it apart. • Of course, you might want to try a different name altogether if a website draws a connection between your name and another user's.