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Yerba Mate

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Yerba Mate

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  1. Yerba Mate Basics A primer to yerba mate

  2. Contents What is Yerba Mate? History of the drink How is it served? Preparing the gourd Enjoying the beverage Health benefits

  3. What is Yerba Mate Traditional South American drink popular in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay. It is prepared from steeping dried leaves of yerba mate (llexparaguariensis) in hot water. The caffeine content is less than that of coffee and yerba mate is often compared to green tea.

  4. History of Yerba Mate In what is now Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, the Guaraní people consumed yerba mate in pre-Columbian times. Early Spanish colonists in Asuncion adopted the beverage and its consumption became widespread by the 16th century. Jesuit missionaries domesticated the plant in the 17th century and produced it for export. Production and popularity of the beverage increased in Argentina and Brazil during the 17th century. Yerba mate remains a popular beverage in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.

  5. How is it served? • Yerba mate is typically served in a Gourd and sipped through a metal bombilla. • The bombilla serves as a straw and a strainer to keep the herbs from clogging the straw. • The photo to the right shows yerba mate in a gourd ready to drink through a bombilla.

  6. Preparing the mate Fill the gourd more than half way with yerba mate. Insert the bombilla. Cover the bombilla and gourd with one hand and shake the yerba mate. When it is shaken, larger stems will settle to the top to help keep the bombilla from clogging. Add warm water and allow the yerba to soak it up. Add hot water and enjoy!

  7. Enjoying the mate The gourd can be filled several times. Once the yerba mate no longer has a potent flavor, it is said to be washed or “lavado.” In a social setting, usually everyone in the group will drink from the same bombilla and gourd. The person pouring the mate, the “cebador,” will pour for everyone. Saying “gracias” when returning the mate indicates you have had enough.

  8. Health Benefits • Yerba mate contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. • These include: vitamin C, potassium, manganese and zinc in addition to quercetin, theobrime and theophylline. • Some studies suggest the herb can reduce risks of heart disease and cancer. • Yerba mate contains caffeine and promotes focus, clarity and higher energy levels. • Some claim that drinking yerba mate aids in weight loss.

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