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Deadpool Costume

Deadpool Costume

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Deadpool Costume

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  1. Marvel hero Deadpool Costume for adults Deadpool is a deformed mercenary with a strange sense of humor, but if you think it is an improvement of YOUR personality, take this Deadpool Costume. This familiar, and not on his mouth, figure of Marvel is known for his jokes, black humor and the use of a variety of weapons (depending on the assignment). On the inside the costume is provided with double stitching, which ensures durability. Two zippers ensure that you can quickly and easily remove your morph suit. Our mixture of special materials ensures a clear view and the presence of 5% elastane not only ensures that the suit fits perfectly, but that it is also very comfortable. Extremely cool to impress a superhero party or a party with the theme of Halloween or TV / film or for carnival - or just to scare your friends. The suit is officially recognized by Marvel.

  2. Our Deadpool Costume consists of a one piece suit, a belt and a hat. (Weapons and shoes not included.) This suit represents the armor of the famous Marvel hero. It is red and black and has imprints in the form of Deadpool's weapons. It is reinforced around the torso and the arms for a guaranteed muscular effect. It is very elastic and adapts perfectly to your shape. With Velcro at the back you are made easy to put on. The overshoes are directly attached to the costume. They are easy to attach under the feet thanks to elastic. An included belt of foam is easy to tie the waist. A hat of fabric gives the final touch to the outfit. It covers the entire head and with Velcro in the neck it can easily be attracted. It is made of elastic fabric and has openings around the eyes so you can see and breathe well. This complete costume will be perfectly suited to change into a superhero during a costume party. For More Info: costume-for-men.html