realizing that we matter and understanding our influence n.
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Realizing that We Matter and Understanding Our Influence PowerPoint Presentation
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Realizing that We Matter and Understanding Our Influence

Realizing that We Matter and Understanding Our Influence

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Realizing that We Matter and Understanding Our Influence

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  1. Realizing that We Matter and Understanding Our Influence

  2. We live on a planet that contains over 7 billion people. When there are that many people in the world, you can feel lost in the shuffle. It may seem like you don’t really matter. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Every single person matters, you have a much larger sphere of influence than you may realize. It is important that you understand how much matter to other people and how many people care about who you are. Your Personal Sphere of Influence Take some time to look at your circle of friends, family, and coworkers and think about how many of those friends you have contact with.

  3. You may discover that you know and stay in contact with many more people than you originally thought. According to anthropologist Robin Dunbar, humans are able to maintain stable social relationships with anywhere from 100-250 people. (In general, we consider Dunbar’s Number to be 150 people.) Think about that, the average person has relationships with around 150 people. That many people care about you and listen to you. When people care about you, you influence their decisions and you are influenced by their choices. That gives you quite a bit of power in other people’s lives and in the world around you.

  4. All of your friends are connected with other people who they are able to influence and the cycle goes on. Your sphere of influence will continue to grow as you create stronger relationships with people. Talking to a Counselor About Your Influence Sometimes, we get so caught up in ourselves that we forget how much we affect other people. It’s a good idea to talk about your relationships and how much you matter with a counselor. A counselor can help you see your life from another perspective.

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