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Which 2012 Theory Is True? PowerPoint Presentation
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Which 2012 Theory Is True?

Which 2012 Theory Is True?

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Which 2012 Theory Is True?

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  1. Which 2012 Theory Is True? Is 2012 the End of the world?

  2. A lot of people are lead to believe there is just one theory that leads to December 21, 2012 being predicted as the end of the world.

  3. It is common belief that 2012 theory is based on the end date of the Mayan calendar. This is where the date December 21 originates from but the longer that the 2012 phenomena is studied, the more knowledge comes to light.

  4. At present, there are three main theories involved.

  5. At the end of the Mayan calendar, it is said that it will be the end of days. It will be the end of days in the current Great Cycle, the final moment in this age of man.

  6. Many debunk this entire concept insisting that this is ridiculous because the new calendar will start back up on Day Zero. B Countdown to 12.21.2012

  7. They have forgotten one key point; a calendar is a counting system that can go on into infinity.

  8. These people could be wrong, because there are many things going on in space, in humanity and in the Earth itself. Natural Disaster Zones

  9. There is the theory that the beginning of the new age of man, the fifth sun, the fifth world will bring an evolved consciousness. The Fifth Sun

  10. This group of people’s theory about 2012 is metaphysical and is also founded on the Mayan culture that are looking forward to ascension to the next level of being. Ascension 2012

  11. They call this new age phenomenon Ascension 2012 which while stemming from the beliefs of the Mayas, is founded in New Age religions.

  12. The Christian 2012 theory sees this date as the end of days, end of the world when Christ will return to take the true believers to heaven. First however, the Book of Revelations prophecy must play out…

  13. Years of famine, disease, war and tribulation of intenseness the world has never before known. The Apocalypse, Armageddon and the Anti Christ are all part of this group’s 2012 theory.

  14. Major events entailed in 2012 theory involve the return of Nibiru, massive earthquakes, tsunamis and flooding, volcanoes and solar storms of unprecedented intensity.

  15. Global warming is believed to begin increasing to the point that part of the planet will burn up.

  16. The Great Galactic Cross will occur on December 21, 2012 with the Earth, the Sun and Venus all in perfect alignment with the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

  17. It is believed that the effects on Earth by the arrival of this planetary alignment will be catastrophic and cause natural destruction on a global basis.

  18. Major scientists say that this isn’t possible. It would be wise to remember, that science has been wrong in their assumptions many times in the past. "We thought we knew everything about everything, and it turned out that there were unknown unknowns."  Richard Fisher, NASA Heliophysics Department (October 2009)

  19. In reality, science is the study of what is above the Earth, on the surface of the planet and beneath the crust. Science controls nothing but tests and discovery.

  20. No one on Earth has any control over the solar system which is experiencing planetary warming on all resident plants. Nor do we have any control over the universe which is putting incredible, increasing pressure on the Earth.

  21. Whether you choose to believe any 2012 theory or not, the world as we knowit is  going to change … the transformation has already started. Which 2012 Theory is True? Go to this link and read more: