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Credit Scholars Individual Packet PowerPoint Presentation
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Credit Scholars Individual Packet

Credit Scholars Individual Packet

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Credit Scholars Individual Packet

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  2. Dear , We are excited to present you with a special opportunity — joining our Scholar Partner Program with Credit Scholars. Our Scholar Partner Program is designed to focus on customer retention, conversion and for some, even commission. The program is comprised of two no-cost offerings: Referral Partners and Affiliate Partners. Enclosed you will find in-depth details related to each of our programs where you can discover and identify the best option for you and your potential customers. We appreciate your initial consideration of our Scholar Partner Program and look forward to hearing from you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Become a Scholar Partner today! Sincerely, Credit Scholars 510 Broadhollow Rd. 2nd Floor - Suite 203 Melville, NY 11747 local: 631.403.1600 national: 866.809.6099

  3. INTRODUCING CREDIT SCHOLARS About Our Company Credit Scholars is a coalition of restoration experts who have mastered the art of credit repair. Through a uniquely customized 1-on-1 approach, our team provides credit repair services, tools, resources, and guidance to our clients. Having good credit is imperative — it facilitates the achievement of life’s major milestones: owning a home, buying or leasing a car, renting an apartment and even certain job opportunities. Through educational resources, advice, and solid-focused credit repair work, we provide our customers with the coaching and knowledge for a fresh start. Credit Scholars Pledge Credit Scholars promises to conduct credit repair services in an educational and compliant manner. We strive for excellence and exhibit fundamental traits of empathy, respect, and honesty. We listen to our clients, understand their needs, and then deliver valuable solutions that are best-fi t to improve their credit profi le while helping them achieve their goals. We provide a welcoming and instructive atmosphere for our clients and partners that allows for growth, development, and the opportunity for a lifetime of success. Compliance Is Key The Credit Repair industry has developed a less than stellar reputation over the years due to the growing presence of scams and fraudulent activities by many credit repair and restoration companies. By following all applicable industry laws including the FCRA and CROA, Credit Scholars ensures an honest and compliant environment. Credit Scholars is proud to be a member of NACSO, an association of responsible credit repair advisors. The National Association of Credit Services Organizations advocates industry standards and ethical business practices for the credit repair industry.

  4. ABOUT OUR SERVICES At Credit Scholars, Scholar Partners and their clients are our top priority. As a result, your clients will be fully educated by our Scholars on important aspects of the credit repair industry. We believe that having a strong education will provide the foundation needed for your clients to achieve their goals. We encourage customers to be open about their fi nancial past, and to reach out to us when they need assistance or guidance. T H E S C H O L A R D I F F E R E N C E Personal Credit Scholar - An appointed Credit Scholar will assist clients by providing them with help and guidance throughout the repair process. No Upfront Costs - At Credit Scholars, customers are only charged once we complete our service. No Monthly Fees - We don’t believe in monthly fees for our customers. E-Newsletter - Customers will receive a monthly e-newsletter to keep them informed with all things Credit Scholars! Report Card - We provide a monthly assessment of your client’s credit profi le which will list any results and updates from the previous month. Graduation - Each customer receives a certifi cate of completion to commemorate the achievement of their new and improved credit profi le. O U R PA C K A G E S The Scholar $299 Audit + Deletions* The Overachiever $399 Expanded Audit + Strategic Planning + Deletions* The Bookworm Audit $299 Standard Service** Credit Analysis & Consultation Includes everything from the “The Scholar” Our Bookworm Audit is our basic service for customers who are looking to solely have a review of their credit profi le with a Credit Scholar. Full credit assessment & advice to build your credit Monthly email of “Enhanced Report Card” for a more in-depth evaluation with all your deletions & repair updates Personalized service from a Credit Scholar Access to Customer Portal This service provides each customer with a solid understanding of their credit report and the foundation for maintaining an A+ credit score. Monthly email of “Report Card” with all your deletions & repair updates Access to Customer Portal *Deletion fees are per deletion, per credit bureau. Requires monthly access to a credit monitoring service. **Package requires access to credit monitoring service.

  5. THE SCHOLAR PARTNER PROGRAM A B O U T O U R P R O G R A M It’s certainly frustrating when customers are turned down for a purchase or walk away because the interest rate they qualifi ed for is simply too high. Our Scholar Partner Program provides solutions to this, allowing both the opportunity to establish long-lasting valuable relationships with customers and receive compensation. P R O G R A M O P T I O N S What is a Referral Partner? Client Retention | Conversion | Networking What is an Affi liate Partner? Client Retention | Conversion | Commission Referral Partners benefi t from client forwarding. We believe that networking leads to capital results. Many clients come to us with direct goals in mind, such as purchasing a home and buying a new car. Post credit repair, we would like to refer our newly credit worthy clients to a trusted partner as another service to aid our customers. Ultimately, this will add to your monthly/annual sales quotas. Affi liate Partners are similar to our Referral Partners in that the benefi ts of retention and conversion of customers still exist. In addition to receiving Referral Partner perks, as an Affi liate Partner, you will also receive a standard fl at commission of $50 for each customer that completes their Enrollment and Audit process. This added bonus allows you to profi t from anyone you send to Credit Scholars.

  6. BENEFITS + VALUE THE SCHOLAR PARTNER PORTAL An exciting feature that we offer to our Scholar Partners is the Scholar Partner Portal. It provides our Scholar Partners with the ability to keep track of their clients’ credit repair status, progress, and more. You can also now easily send clients through the Send Us A Customer webform. Once you sign up, you will receive an email with your Scholar Partner Portal login credentials. 1 Your Customer List and Conversion Rate Table will appear on the fi rst page of your portal. If you click on the Customer’s name within the list, you will be directed to the Customer’s Portal with all the credit repair details (i.e. Repaired/Deleted Items, Credit & Dispute Report, and more). 2 Send New Customer is a webform that allows Scholar Partners to forward potential clients through the Scholar Partner Portal. Once submitted, the information sent will automatically be transferred into our database. 3 Web marketing materials include e-banners, text links and html codes to help promote our services to your potential clients that can be utilized on your website via email and other platforms. 4 Reports will allow you to track impressions and clicks for web marketing materials supplied.

  7. T R A C K YO U R L E A D S We make it easy for our Scholar Partners to track leads and referrals that are sent our way. Each Scholar Partner will receive a customized Scholar Partner ID # number that can be provided to each referred client. Here’s how it works: 1. Call: If your lead calls Credit Scholars, they will be asked “How did you hear about us?” When prompted, the lead should provide your assigned Scholar Partner ID # to the Credit Scholar. This will be used to track the lead in the Scholar Partner Portal. 2. Email: If your lead emails Credit Scholars, they should include your Scholar Partner ID # within the body of the email and/or in the subject line of the email. Please direct all leads to 3. Direct Upload: Inside the Scholar Partner Portal, there is a tab called Send New Customer. It is a webform that you can easily fi ll out with your customer’s information. Once submitted, your customer’s data will be automatically transferred and entered into our database. G A I N M O R E E X P O S U R E During the restoration process and post credit repair, customers may now qualify for the products and services you offer. Here are some ways that we help you reach those clients, as well as expose your business to new clients along the way as their credit profi le improves. Reach New Customers & Engage Your Clients As an added benefi t of becoming a Scholar Partner, Credit Scholars will include you within: Our Monthly E-Newsletter Monthly Customer Report Card Scholar Partner section in Customer Portal Not only will you keep in touch with customers sent our way, but you will also have the opportunity to showcase your products or services to new customers. Access To Collateral Each Scholar Partner will receive print marketing materials to present to prospective clients inclusive of brochures, business cards, rate cards, fl yers, and more.

  8. FACTS + FIGURES Below are some of the professions that benefi t most from our credit repair services and are impacted directly by the credit profi le of their clients. The following table identifi es the credit worthiness of potential clients, qualifying interest rates for different industries, credit score categories, and a visual representation of the impact of our services. Accountants Debt Counselors Bankers/Financial Advisors Loan Offi cers Real Estate Agents Car Sales Associates Cell Phone Reps Insurance Agents Attorneys Life Coaches/Mentors Contractors Recruiters Mortage Rates Auto Loan Rates Insurance Rates Credit Card Rates 300-550 The Credit Scholars Difference F 9.5% Higher 28.9% 18.9% Poor Credit Highest Probability of Denials 550-620 D 19.8% 8.6% 17.9% Subprime Credit Possible Approval 620-680 C 4.9% 11% 13.9% Acceptable Credit Approval with Certain Terms 680-740 B 4.2% 6.5% 12.2% Good Credit Approval with Favorable Terms 740-850 A 5.1% 7.9% 3.9% Lower Excellent Credit Figures based on national averages. Rates may vary depending on market conditions.

  9. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS HOW DOES IT WORK? Is there a cost to become a Scholar Partner? There is no cost. It is absolutely free to join. How often will I get compensated for my clients that sign up? If you choose to become an Affi liate Partner, compensation is delivered on a monthly basis. What is the value of the program for a Referral Partner? A Referral Partner benefi ts from this program by developing a synergistic relationship between potential clients and Credit Scholars. How do I keep track of my clients? The Scholar Partner Portal gives the Partner access to their client list, client status, a conversion rate table, and more. What items can Credit Scholars remove from a report? Bankruptcies, foreclosures, collections, charge-offs, repossessions, medical bills, credit card debt, inquiries, late payments, judgements, tax liens, student loans, and personal information (names, addresses, date of birth, ssn, etc.). HOW WILL THIS BENEFIT MY CLIENTS? What is the average time it takes to increase scores? Every client and fi le is different. However, initial results are calculated after 45 days upon initial contact with the credit bureaus and 40 days thereafter. Can scores increase if there is a bankruptcy from a few years back? Yes, having a bankruptcy is not the end of the world. We can defi nitely start working on it 60 days after it has been discharged. Can you do anything with the credit bureaus if there are “freezes” in place? Not with the credit bureaus, but potentially with the creditors directly. Is there a risk that a score will not increase? A change in one’s credit score is an indirect result of our services; therefore, the score may or may not increase based on the customer’s overall profi le.

  10. SIGN UP FORM First Name Last Name Title Email SecondaryPhone # Phone # Company Name Industry City/Town Address State Zip Code City/Town Mailing Address (if different) State Zip Code Credit Scholars Representative Which Scholar Partner Program works best for you? Checks payable to: Affiliate Partner Referral Partner How many leads are you looking to provide monthly? 10-25 25-50 50+ Yes, I would like to access the Scholar Partner Portal to monitor client updates.