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Looking At The Different Hunting Gear PowerPoint Presentation
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Looking At The Different Hunting Gear

Looking At The Different Hunting Gear

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Looking At The Different Hunting Gear

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  1. Looking At The Different Hunting Gear Hunters who are just starting out, spends so much money on things that they did not need in the first place. It is important that you know what gear you will need when hunting. This does not only mean which weapon, but also clothing, tools etc. Always make sure you know what you need to get before you get it and do not overspend. Hunting Gear I Need • Hunting gear can either be expensive or important. If it is not • important, why would you spend your hard earned money on • it. There are a few basics when it comes to hunting gear: • Gun or Bow • Ammo or Arrows • Comfortable and warm clothing • Good footwear • Rope • Sharp knife

  2. Hunting Gear I Need Comfortable and strong shoes are a must, seeing that you will be moving around a lot of the time. Your clothing do not have to be top of the range or very expensive camouflage, as long as it keeps you warm and dry no matter what the Weather, you will be fine. Also make sure that your clothing is comfortable enough so that you can easily perform your hunting tasks. Hunting Gear Or Tools • There are many different gear options and tools from which you can choose. Some of these are optional and will only • make your hunting trip easier and more successful. Some of these are: • Night Vision Binoculars • Night Vision Goggles • A Night Vision Monocular • Range Finders • Trail / Game Cameras

  3. Hunting Gear Or Tools This is a great tool for when you are boating in the dark or hiking after dark. These binoculars help you scout your hunting site even if you are hunting after dark. Do a little more research to find which binoculars is best for you. Night Vision Goggles The benefit of using goggles is that it comes with hands-free head gear, leaving both your hands free and in control. Like with night vision binoculars, these goggles let you scout the area after dark. The goggles also allow you to move around freely and can use them for longer periods of time. Range Finders The range finder must not be judged on it’s price, but rather which one will best suit your needs. A range finder is a great piece of equipment to use on a hunt. It accurately estimates the distance between you and your target, making it easier to take your shot.

  4. Trail / Game Cameras They are weatherproof which means you can leave the camera out in all kinds of weather. These cameras are ideal for leaving it out for days to capture footage. And they do not need a power source as they are self powered. Don’t opt for all the expensive gear thinking that it will make a difference. It doesn’t matter what the price, if it works for you, get it. If you are not sure about what gear to get, ask the professionals. They will tell you exactly what you need and what you really don’t need. It all depends on your needs and what you find works best.