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Downsizing? Read These Real Estate Tips on Maximizing Your Storage Space PowerPoint Presentation
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Downsizing? Read These Real Estate Tips on Maximizing Your Storage Space

Downsizing? Read These Real Estate Tips on Maximizing Your Storage Space

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Downsizing? Read These Real Estate Tips on Maximizing Your Storage Space

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  1. June 9, 2017 Downsizing? Read These Real Estate Tips on Maximizing Your Storage Space If you’re one of the 37% of people in America looking to downsize your home, you’ll likely be excited about the increased freedom and lessened responsibility a small home brings. However, you may also be concerned about how you’re going to fit a lifetime of possessions into a smaller property. Here, real estate professionals share their tips on what to do and look for when searching for a home to downsize into. Page | 1

  2. Look for Built in Closets One of the most useful features a small home can have is built in closets. Instead of space within a room being taken up with standalone furniture, you can store your things into a built in closet so rooms don’t look busy and cluttered. But if you have accumulated a significant amount of clothing and shoes over the years, it can be hard to let go of sentimental pieces. Be realistic about what you should keep and what you should sell and donate, and you’ll find it easier to condense your collection into a closet space. Consider Your Kitchen Smaller homes naturally come with less kitchen cupboard space. If your current home is filled with unused appliances and piles of plates, now is the time to sort through your items and take only what you need. During a viewing, consider what each kitchen cupboard may be used for. You’ll soon know whether your crockery will fit, or whether the space is simply too small for your needs. Measure Your Furniture Although you’ll be moving into a smaller home, it’s unlikely you’ll be selling all your furniture and starting again. You’ll need reassurance that your couches and tables can fit inside smaller rooms, so take a tape measure to every viewing. Check to make sure the dimensions of your furniture will fit in the areas where you envision them sitting as well as fit through any doors so you won’t have a nasty surprise on move in day. Make Storage a Part of Your Decor A smaller property requires creative storage solutions, so see how current property owners are keeping their possessions. One attractive option is to make storage, such as wicker baskets and chests, a part of your home’s decor. A well placed basket behind a couch can look good and provide you with a place to store your linen. The home’s current owners have been living in the space for a significant amount of time, so if they’ve kept their possessions looking good around the property, chances are you’ll be able to do the same. Page | 2

  3. Seek Out Vertical Spaces Rather than think about the width of a storage area, start considering the height. If a property you view is lacking storage spaces, but has high ceilings, you may be able to build your own solutions that take advantage of this height. Place items you use less frequently on higher shelves, and those used often at a convenient height. If you’re looking for a new home with creative storage options, speak to an exclusive buyer’s agent. They’ll find you the best deals on beautiful smaller properties, and help you make your move a success. About The Buyer’s Agent of East Florida: If you’re planning to downsize and need help finding your ideal smaller home, contact us at The Buyer’s Agent of East Florida. Our team have years of experience matching happy buyers with their dream properties, and would love to use our expert local knowledge to help you do the same. Sources: The Closet Downsizing Dilemma: Maximizing Storage Space when Moving from Potomac to Bethesda, How to Create More Storage Space, Page | 3