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Managing Your Enterprise in a Mobile World PowerPoint Presentation
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Managing Your Enterprise in a Mobile World

Managing Your Enterprise in a Mobile World

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Managing Your Enterprise in a Mobile World

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  1. Managing Your Enterprise in a Mobile World Ari Kaplan President, IOUG

  2. Learning Objectives • As a result of this presentation, you will be able to: • Learn the value of mobile software – from the ROI to specific case studies of companies benefiting from mobile solutions. • Learn the key concepts involved in making your environment – hardware, software, and staff – ready for wireless use. • Learn about mobile software architecture such as security, development environments, and best practices.

  3. Kevin Burden, IDCEnterprise PDA adoption: “Today it’s a competitive advantage. Tomorrow it’s corporate survival.”

  4. Presentation Agenda • Value of Mobility • Mobility Benefits for IT Departments • Mobility Benefits for non-IT Departments • Technical Discussion • Mobile/Wireless Architecture • Mobile/Wireless Technology Options • Oracle Solutions • Mobile/Wireless Resources

  5. In the mobile world… IT workers no longer need to be physically on site to perform mission critical work.

  6. The Confluence of IT Tools Mobile IT Management is a “Best Practice” and is becoming the norm for IT shops Cell Phones Laptops Pagers Wireless Handheld + IT Management Software

  7. Existing Mobile IT Management Options Network Layer Cisco 3Com Routers Hubs Firewalls Server Layer Windows 2000 Domain Controller Unix Windows 2003 Domain Controller Linux 2000 / XP Professional 2000 / XP Professional Exchange Server Exchange Server Domain Domain Database Layer SQL Server Oracle DB2 UDB Teradata

  8. A Mobile Enterprise Integrates with Alerting and Monitoring Tools 2. OpenView sends alert to IT Admin 3. Admin receives alert from the field 4. Mobile softwareused to identify and resolve the issue (fordatabases, networks, servers) OpenView AlertNotification 5. OpenView is aware event has been resolved / averted

  9. The Mobility Advantage For IT Departments: • Speed up remote access and emergency trouble-shooting • Increase productivity by enabling more proactive monitoring • Decrease Costs by decreasing unplanned downtime For the Mobile Workforce: • Immediate access to data retrieval • Immediate, point-of-need data entry

  10. Return on Investment 34% of issues arise when the customer/CSR cannotimmediately connect to the infrastructure … Mobile management brings the average response time down from 22 minutes to 2 minutes.

  11. Mobile IT Management Value Proposition • Increase Productivity • Administrators have the tools to be both reactive and proactive • End-user productivity increases as down-time decreases • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met or exceeded • Avoid Revenue Loss • Under-performing systems slow down revenue flow • Disabled systems stop revenue altogether • Simplify IT Management • Heterogeneous IT management: Manage any database, server or network device throughout the enterprise • Single console – any form-factor: Dynamically adjusts to any screen size including wireless handheld, tablet, laptop, sub-notebook or desktop • In summary, with mobile management, organizations can economize on people, on skills and get more out of established equipment and software

  12. Mobile Access for Contingency Planning Mobile software provides low-cost insurance against a major business disruption. By arming IT staff with secure, remote access to the infrastructure, organizations can: • Mobilize the organization for rapid recovery and timely resumption of normal activity • Empower the IT team to apply their expertise from wherever they are • Provide connectivity to critical databases and network systems • Enable staff, wherever deployed, to verify operations at back-up sites or data storage locations

  13. Today’s IT Business Environment

  14. Today’s IT Business Environment "How much downtime can your environment handle at any one time?" • 17% - None • 35% - 1-15 minutes • 30% - Less than 3 hours • 11% - Less than 8 hours • 6% - Availability isn't a concern (SQL Server Magazine poll, 443 responses)

  15. Wireless Users Outside IT • Alert Workers • Thin client, read only, one button response, like SMS or paging • Avg annual cost $416 • Avg monthly data xfer 400K • Message Workers • CxOs, Blackberries, email centric, 1.8M users today, a projected high growth area for 2004, by 2004 60% will use messaging in some form – SMS or email – projected users – 59M • Avg annual cost $889 • Avg monthly data xfer 2mb • Forms Workers • Anyone who uses a clipboard, can be WLAN or 802.11b • Avg annual cost $1183 • Avg monthly data xfer 10mb • Knowledge Workers • Unstructured. Messages, forms, thick client – healthcare worker, pharmacist • Avg annual cost $2,296 • Avg monthly data xfer 40mb • Power Users • Use hot spots, want full fidelity, thick clients • Avg annual cost $3,106 • Avg monthly data xfer 100mb (Source: Gartner Group, March 2003)

  16. Mobile Access for Users Database Providing Remote Access & Management of applications

  17. Prototypes of Custom Wireless Applications • Mobile applications that access business-critical application providing real-time, wireless solutions • CRM & Field Service, Installation and Diagnostic capabilities • Customer Service, Project Management and Mobile ecommerce application SBCField Sales Mercedes BenzCustomer Service Army Corp of Engineers Project Management QVCCustomer Retention/Profitability

  18. Custom App Progress

  19. Mobile/Wireless Benefits NOP World Survey of WLAN users in 300 US organizations: • Overall employees increased connectivity to their corporate network 1.75 hours a day. • IT/MIS workers increased connectivity 1 hour a day. • Saving just 30 minutes a week per user would justify the higher cost of a notebook computer over a desktop computer

  20. Mobile/Wireless Benefits

  21. Intel ROI Metrics • Intel’s Wireless Measurements were based on productivity data from various WLAN pilots. They showed that: More information:

  22. Industry Mobility Experiences Mobile CRM, SFA, ERP, and SCM:Pitney Bowes launches wireless CRM to 1,500 field service representatives can keep in touch with their call center and service applications. Uses SAP and BlackBerry.,10801,94406,00.html?nas=PM-94406 Atos Origin: A leading professional services firm in Europe, recently equipped 45,000 field professionals with a mobile time and travel application. Sears: Equipped 15,000 service representatives with rugged terminals for their customer service and inventory control applications. UPS: Uses 200,000 wireless terminals for their delivery and warehouse information. Mobile Security:Massachusetts State Police will be able to perform real-time background checks at Logan Airport using BlackBerry and a database of over 200 million US residents.,10801,94025,00.html?nas=MW-94025 Mobile Real Estate:Prudential Palms Realty uses BlackBerry for viewing property searches from the field. Mobile Pharmaceutical:Roche Pharmaceuticals accesses their CRM and keeps their physicians up-to-date while out of the office.

  23. Let’s get technical…

  24. Mobile/Wireless Software Development Approaches • Traditional approach: – Screen-scrape Web pages into a PDA – Simply allow data entry and data retrieval – Build custom solutions requiring lengthy design and implementation • More powerful, more timely: – Provide real-time access inside the databases and servers – Enable IT workers to identify issues, determine a course of action, and resolve issues immediately – Develop secure, enterprise scalable software – Empower IT professionals to work from anywhere at anytime

  25. Mobile/Wireless Architecture This is the “nuts and bolts” section. We will cover: • Typical Site Configurations • SSL/DMZ • VPN • VPN and RSA SecurID • Port Assignments on the Server • Security Guidelines • Wireless Technology Options • Client/Server • Complexity: From Cellular Gateway to Device • Major Wireless Standards • Wireless Transmission Speed/Rate • Multiple Tiers of Coverage

  26. Mobile/Wireless Architecture SSL in a DMZ Dual-Firewall Site Configuration

  27. Mobile/Wireless Architecture VPN Site Configuration

  28. Mobile/Wireless Architecture VPN and RSA SecurID Configuration

  29. Mobile/Wireless Architecture – Server ConfigurationUnderstanding Ports

  30. Mobile/Wireless Architecture - Security Should incorporate or support: • Automatic session timeout • No proprietary data or passwords reside on wireless device • HTTPS 128-bit Secure Socket Layer • Mandatory server-side user authentication/authorization/auditing • Oracle roles to limit access to specific users or areas of database • Read-only permission option

  31. Mobile/Wireless Technology Options - Client/Server Server Software: Java or .NET J2EE: robust, scalable, distributed, 30 vendors .NET framework: robust, scalable, distributed ; Windows-only Both provide: Distributed computing Session Management Persistence layers Vendor-specific Presentation layers

  32. Client Software: RTO: Real-Time Operating Systems Immediate “boot” time Less storage needed than other OS Cannot be upgraded as easily as other OS Requires a less powerful CPU than other OS Pocket PC Internet Explorer Most devices are 6x the processing power of Palm devices Embedded Visual C++ .NET compact framework Mobile/Wireless Technology Options - Client/Server PALM • Most popular OS for PDAs • Web-clipping (PQA) or CodeWarrior or GNU C/C++ compiler • After PalmOS 5.0, multitasking Symbian OS • Popular in Europe • Nokia, Panasonic, Siemens • SDK with C/C++ and PersonalJava BlackBerry • Push-based networking (email, etc) • Web browser with BES MDS • SDK with C/C++ and PersonalJava

  33. Client-specific development • Targeting the device • PocketPC 2000 is not PocketPC 2002 is not PocketPC 2004, etc. • Why Nokia and Windows CE aren't the developer's friend • Device manufacturers and compact OS model • The importance of device testing • Disadvantages • Maintainability • Code bloat for multiple target platforms • Deployment • Advantages • Speed • Visual design • Custom communication with back end

  34. 35 Mobile/Wireless Technology Options - Complexity

  35. Oracle Solutions

  36. Oracle Application Server • Provide data from multiple sources • Web sites • HTML • XML • HDML • WML • Databases • Java Servlets • Email systems • Etc. • Render in multiple markup languages • WML, cHTML, HDML, HTML • VoxML, VoiceXML

  37. Oracle Application Server • Provides data through multiple gateways to multiple devices • Gateways • SMS, WAP, iMode, Web Clipping, Web • Network-independent • Devices • WAP, Pagers, Palm, PocketPC, etc.

  38. Oracle Application Server - Wireless Edition • SQL Query web services • 1-way and 2-way messaging • Location-based services • Interactive voice-active into databases • Conceptually organized into • Content Adaptors ( Model ) • Service Manager • Manages Content source and runtime environment • Controller • Content Transformers • Java code • XSLT • View • Personalization portals • Public definition for vendors

  39. Oracle JDeveloper - Wireless Extension • Wireless Developer Kit • JDeveloper Wireless Extension • Example code • Templates • Wizards for common mobile user interfaces • Simulators • Download at

  40. Additional Oracle Mobile/Wireless Solutions • Oracle Lite • Offline data applications: good for applications that require data synchronization • Oracle EM2Go • Mobile layer for real-time Enterprise Manager functionality from Pocket PC • Oracle E-Business Suite • Mobile Field Service – accesses data from the field • Uses Oracle AS Wireless as the technology • Oracle eLocation • Oracle-hosting solution for mapping, routing, and geocoding

  41. Additional Oracle Mobile/Wireless Solutions • PeopleSoft Enterprise Sales for BlackBerry™

  42. Summary • Wireless access simplifies the management of 24/7/365 operations • Mobile IT Management is a “Best Practice” and is becoming the norm for IT shops • Mobile software and pervasive wireless connectivity can increase productivity, depending on job function: • 20% or more • Up to an hour a day for IT professionals • Improves quality of life • Benefits are proven • ROI methodologies available

  43. Mobile/Wireless Resources - Whitepapers Secure Solutions White Paper The Mobile IT Landscape – A Wireless Primer How to choose a handheld How to choose a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) Mobile Software Development Technologies, a survey of starting points

  44. Mobile/Wireless Resources - Websites Wireless News: Wireless Development:

  45. Additional Wireless Resources:

  46. Q & Q U E S T I O N S A N S W E R S A