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12 Essential Steps of a Phenomenal Story

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12 Essential Steps of a Phenomenal Story

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Presentation Transcript

  1. 1 2 E s s e n t i a l S t e p s 1 2 E s s e n t i a l S t e p s o f a Phenomenal Story

  2. Stories a r e C r u c i a l i nMarketing

  3. S t o r i e s H e l p t o S e l l Mo r e

  4. S t o r i e s B u i l d R e l a t i o n s h i p s

  5. S t o r i e s B u i l d Y o u r B r a n d

  6. J o s e p h C a m p b e l l ' s 1 2 S t e p s o f t h e Hero's Journey

  7. 1 The Ordinary World

  8. T h e H e r o i s I n t r o d u c e d

  9. H e D o e s n ' t K n o w H i s C a l l Y e t

  10. 2 Call to Adventure

  11. T h e H e r o G e t s H i s F i r s t C a l l

  12. E v e r y t h i n g i s G o i n g t o C h a n g e

  13. 3 Refusal of the Call

  14. T h e H e r o R e f u s e s H i s C a l l

  15. B a d E m o t i o n s H o l d t h e H e r o

  16. F e a r F r u s t r a t i o n I n a d e q u a c y

  17. 4 Meeting Wise Mentor

  18. T h e Me n t o r A p p e a r s

  19. H e S h o w s t h e R o a d t o t h e H e r o

  20. 5 The First Threshold

  21. T h e H e r o Ma k e s H i s F i r s t S t e p

  22. A d v e n t u r e B e g i n s !

  23. 6 Tests, Allies and Enemies

  24. T h e H e r o Me e t s A l l i e s . . .

  25. . . . A f f o r d s T e s t s . . .

  26. . . . a n d F i g h t s E n e m i e s

  27. 7 Supreme Ordeal

  28. T h e H e r o ' s D a r k e s t P o i n t

  29. S e p a r a t i o n B e t w e e n O l d A n d N e w Wo r l d i s S e t

  30. 8 Revisiting the Mentor

  31. T h e H e r o V i s i t s t h e Me n t o r

  32. T h e H e r o G e t s t h e K n o w l e d g e

  33. 9 Return With The New Knowledge

  34. T h e H e r o H a s t h e Wi s d o m N o w

  35. H e H a s N e w P o w e r s

  36. 1 0 Seizing the Sword

  37. T h e H e r o U s e s H i s P o w e r s A g a i n s t H i s O l d E n e m i e s

  38. T h e F i n a l F i g h t T a k e s P l a c e

  39. T h e H e r o Wi n s

  40. 1 1 Resurrection

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