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  1. Coherent Market Insights Market Research and Business Consulting Services COVID-19 Impact Tracker   FINE HYDRATE MARKET ANALYSIS  Fine Hydrate Market, By Application (Cable Compounds, Sheet Moulding Compounds,                     Bulk Moulding Compounds, Others), and By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific,                         Latin America, Middle East & Africa) - Size, Share, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis,                           2019 - 2027           

  2. Fine Hydrate Market 2017–2027  Fine hydrate is a non-halogenated flame retardant additive used across several           applications such as injection molding, wire, and cable compounds, and paints &           polymer. It belongs to the class of fine alumina trihydrate (ATH) compounds               which is produced by using Bayer’s process. Fine alumina hydrate is an             eco-friendly, mineral-based flame retardant, that is used in a variety of polyolefin       resins. Some of the other applications of fine hydrate are cable compounds,             sheet molding compounds, and bulk molding compounds. Moreover, it is also           used to produce lightweight plastics for automobiles which reduce the overall           weight of the automobile, thus making fuel-efficient vehicles. Furthermore, fine             hydrate is also used in the production of pigment.                                                                                                                The global fine hydrate market is projected to surpass US$ 550 million by the end             of 2027, in terms of revenue, growing at CAGR of 7.3% during the forecast period                 (2019 to 2027).                                  Drivers  Increasing demand for plastic from the automotive industry for reducing the           overall weight of the vehicle is projected to propel the market growth of fine             hydrate. Fine hydrate is widely used to produce polymers, where they are used as               flame retardant additives. These polymers have huge demand from the         automotive industry for producing automobile components that reduce the         overall weight and make fuel-efficient vehicles. Thus, the rising demand for           plastic from automotive is the industry that is fueling market growth.                                                                              Growing adoption of fine hydrate as a substitute for titanium dioxide in the               production of pigments is projected to propel the market growth of fine hydrate.             Paints and coatings are widely used across automotive refinishing, construction,             protective coatings, and wooden coatings. Fine hydrate is used in paints to         maintain the shine and luster and increase transparency. Hence, growing usage             of fine hydrate as a substitute for titanium dioxide is propelling the market               growth.                                                                           Regionally, Asia-pacific dominated the global ​fine hydrate market in 2018,       reporting 36% market share in terms of revenue, followed by Europe and North                                        

  3. America, respectively.  Figure 1. Global Fine Hydrate Market, Revenue Share (%), By Region, 2018    Market Restraints  Fine alumina trihydrate is widely used as flame retardant across various           materials such as elastomers, thermosetting resins, and thermoplastics.         However, fine hydrate is not suitable for high-temperature applications that limit             its application across high-temperature applications. This is projected to hinder         the market growth of fine hydrate.                                            Growing adoption of magnesium hydroxide as antacids in the pharmaceutical         industry is expected to restrict the market growth of fine hydrate. Moreover, a             lack of awareness regarding the benefits of alumina trihydrate across the           developing region is also another major factor restricting the market growth of           fine hydrate.                                                      Market Opportunities  Growing application of fine hydrate in the production of cable & wire products is             projected to offer numerous growth opportunities to the market growth of fine           hydrate over the forecast timeframe. Increasing production of electronic goods           especially across China and India is expected to propel the market growth. Fine             precipitated alumina trihydrate provides superior powder processing and                                                                      

  4. outstanding compounds properties which makes them ideal flame retardant       additives.              Increasing application of alumina trihydrate across wastewater treatment is         projected to offer enormous growth opportunity to the market of the fine hydrate.           Hence, the growing number of wastewater treatment due to increasing water           pollution and growing demand for clean and safe water around the globe will           favor the market growth of alumina trihydrate over the forecast timeframe.                                                        Figure 2. Global Fine Hydrate Market – Opportunity Analysis    Market Trends  The rising trend of nano technology in new products is projected to propel the               market growth of fine hydrate. Various polymer producers are adding flame           retardants such as fine hydrate with nanoclays, which improve the performance             of polymer additives as nanoclays have help in anti-dripping and slowing down           fire, and they also produce surface char, all these enhance the quality of             non-halogenated flame retardants. This factor is projected to propel the market         growth.                                                                                Increasing sales of fine hydrate in the Asia Pacific region due to the rising             production of consumer electronics in the Asia Pacific region is projected to fuel           the market growth. Moreover, expanding the construction industry and the         development of infrastructure in Asian countries such as China, India, and South           Korea is further projected to propel the market growth of fine hydrate.                                                           

  5. Figure 3. Global Fine Hydrate Market, Revenue Share (%), By Application, in  2018    On the basis of application, cable compounds dominated the global fine hydrate             market in 2018 with around 78% of market share in terms of revenue, followed by               sheet molding compounds and bulk molding compounds, respectively.                              Regulations  Europe  ● In Europe, REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization, and  Restriction of Chemical Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and  Electronic Equipment) are the two regulations driven by the European  Union, which restricts the use of halogenated flame retardants that have  an adverse effect on the environment. The focus of REACH is to enhance  protection of human health and environment by scrutinizing the use of  harmful chemical substances and additives  ● The flame retardants most commonly used in electronics and  Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) were banned or phased out in  Europe and the U.S. after researchers linked the compounds to neurotoxic  effects and hormone disruption 

  6. Figure 4. Global Fine Hydrate Market – Value Chain Analysis    Competitive Section  Key players operating in the global fine hydrate market are Nabaltec AG, Huber               Engineered Materials, Hindalco Industries Limited, Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.,       Alumina Castables & Chemicals Private Limited, Aluminum Corporation of China           Limited (CHALCO), JINAN CHENXU CHEMICAL CO., LTD., and Henan Kingway         Chemicals Co., Ltd.                                                  •Request Sample Report •​Request Customization •​Download PDF Brochure •​Talk to Analyst

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