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  1. Hydrate- 15 Calories and 1 Gram of Sugar - You wont have the blood sugar crash with 15 Cal and 1 Gram of sugar vs 50 Cal and 1 Gram in the Leading Product

  2. Prepare- • 1) It has been indorsed and developed by a PHD and a Nobel Prize Winning Laureate.  His discoveries have been Introduced into this Pre Work drink. Which have several benefits • Increased Blood Flow • 2) Oxygenation of the Blood Stream • 3) It Helps with Muscle Restoration and Recovery and Muscle Performance (with increased oxygen in the Blood stream it allows the Muscle to perform of optimum level) which also works in Concert with the Creatine Monohydrate, which supports the fast twitch muscle (for explosive action) • 4) There is 100 mg of Caffeine the game changer is all the ingredients have ben clinically test and scientifically balanced so that all the ingredients can work synergistically as apposed to other competitors that have beefed up Ingredients for the label! Often times reflect too much caffeine and or Sugar! One of the most popular brands is BCN’s “No Explode”

  3. Formula Sport Healthy Meal for an Athletes and anyone with a Active Lifestyle. It’s an all diary protein which encompasses Weigh and Casein Proteins, by having those you have a fast acting protein which gets in the body right away and combats muscular breakdown to prevent muscular fatigue during your sport and the Casein has a longer acting Protein available to the body so that extends performance and aids in muscular recover! It has 1000 mg L-Glutamine that is Essential Amino Acid. L-Glutamine represents 60% of our bodies Amino Acids.  Its purpose is Muscle recovery, it helps build up the immune system and fights infection, if your L-Glutamine deficient? Especially athletes are more at risk for things like Respiratory Infection, Exercise Induced Asthma, and various Viruses like Sinusitis. Herbalife’sMilk Protein extraction process has removed the majority of the Lactose, for example a 8 OZ cup of milk has 13Grams of Lactose vs Formula 1 Sport has 1 Gram! No problem for Lactose tolerant

  4. Prolong This is the ONE! This is the first ever Hydration drink to include Protein! The 5 grams of Protein allows your system to capitalize on the carbohydrates it provides…  This is where the protein is like a taxi driver for the carbohydrates! It takes them and allows them to be absorbed in the body more efficiently and where needed. As well all the protein also helps prevent muscular breakdown during your Sport or Exercise.. It also has Electrolytes! Remember Electrolytes are made up of 3 key Minerals… 1) Sodium 2) Magnesium and 3rd) Potassium your body will sweat those out first and most of it is Sodium, You need those minerals to help sustain your activity level during any given Exercise or Sport. With Prolong we have 12:1 Carb to Protein ratio! Its a Dual source of Carbs, one is fast acting and the other is a slower acting and slower release which helps with endurance in any give activity and Maltodextrin which is the fast acting (it gets in the system now and its the fuel that is available right away On the Spot!  Fructose is a natural Carbohydrate and the slower acting of the two and it allows for the extended exercise "it pushes back the threshold (or the Wall) when you hit that wall your done! It also aids in recovery.  Remember all Carbohydrates are a form of sugar that turns into Glycogen (Glycogen is what your body uses for energy!)

  5. Rebuild Endurance It a post recovery drink, its main usage is for those who are on the higher end of burning calories, athletes with a higher activity level, both for time and intensity.  It has Carnitine which speeds up recovery and helps metabolize fats, 3K mg of BCAA helps with muscle repair!  BCAA is comprised of 3 different amino acids 1) lucine 2) Isolucine 3)Valine … Lucine helps support Growth Hormone and recovery at night.

  6. Rebuild Strength 4 Grams of BCAA, 24 Grams of Protein Now your addressing any kind of Resistant Training, Exercise and Weightlifting— 3K mg of L-Glutamine. When your body is under Exercise Stress you can deplete, in upwards of 50% of the bodies stored L-Glutamine!  So replenishing your bodies stored L-Glutamine is essential!

  7. Restore Is for everybody, not just for athletes, it helps combat Inflammation and is natural non-habit forming Herbal based Supplement. You might know curcumin by its more common name—turmeric. Most famous for its taste and use in cooking curries, curcumin is extremely valuable for its health benefits. The spice's high concentration of a phytonutrient called curcuminoids makes it a powerful antioxidant. It's also valued for its ability to nourish the liver and gastrointestinal system. The National Library of Medicine has nearly 200 scientific investigations of curcumin on file, showing this spice benefits more than just taste. It also has Elderbery which is a antioxidant that supports your bodies immune system!  For example if your using things like Advil, Ibeprofin  which are N-SAID drugs those that are hard on the your system. (digestive track and all of your processing organs) Restore is not: Not only hard on the liver it supports the essential organs and the immune system.   Elderberry has been known to successful in treating bronchitis, cold and flu systems and prevention and treatments NSAIDs NSAID stands for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, a class of pain relievers that come in both prescription and over-the-counter strength. NSAIDs are used to treat arthritis symptoms including pain and inflammation