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Occupational Therapy – Understanding The Concept PowerPoint Presentation
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Occupational Therapy – Understanding The Concept

Occupational Therapy – Understanding The Concept

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Occupational Therapy – Understanding The Concept

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  1. Article: OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY – UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPT Occupational therapy, as a health profession, was formulated in the early 1910s as an indication of the Progressive Era. World War I forced this new profession to shed light on its role in the medical sphere and to standardize its training and practice. In addition to illuminating its public image, occupational therapists (professionals who practice occupational therapy) also established clinics, workshops, and training schools nationwide. Anyone, regardless of their age, can benefit from occupational therapy and continuing education, if a person finds himself/ herself unable to participate in a desired activity. Occupational therapists are provided with training and knowledge in physical and psychosocial developmental disorders and as a result, the practitioner not only looks at the physical aspects of the person’s problem but at the whole person. They also look at the problems or risks in terms of how they affect someone’s body functions. By consulting an occupational therapist, people can also develop the skills for a better job to make their living. As a result they can be made capable to participate to full extent in a life of their preference, or to prevent interruptions in their day-to-day living. Occupational therapy not only benefits the individual, but also those around them such as their family members and friends. It can help overcome and develop strategies to cope with various health problems and disorders, such as: Problems involving mobility and postures due to developmental disorders like arthritis or any accidental injury or simply the aging process. It can also be helpful managing pain due to an incorrect lifting posture, automobile accident, and strain injuries. It can help in returning to work after a prolonged illness or an injury, and also in symptoms of fatigue due to a heart condition, stress, depression, and stroke. It helps in finding and learning new ways to manage daily activities after a brain injury or mental illness. It can aid discovering memory and other tricks for people who complain of poor memory due to aging, Alzheimer’s disease and the like. Occupational therapy courses online identify the following areas for rehabilitation: Daily living activities     Dressing and Eating Personal device care Personal hygiene and grooming Sexual activity Instrumental activities of daily living        Communication management Driving and mobility Financial management Health management Home management Safety and emergency training Shopping

  2. Article: Rest and sleep Education Work       Employment pursuits and acquisition Job performance Adjustment and retirement preparation Volunteer exploration and participation Play exploration and participation Leisure exploration and participation Social participation    Community Family Peers and friends In short, occupational therapy concerns itself with just about every aspect of the life of a subject and attempts to treat the root cause of the issue with various targeted techniques. These days you can find many of these courses and therapists through the use of the internet. Or you can check out occupational therapy continuing education online that is offered by reputed institutes like Just visit this website for all the information you may need. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ben Davis is an expert in physical and occupational therapy who also likes to write interesting articles and blogs on the topic, spreading awareness and helping people in making the right choices. He recommends as the best name to trust for occupational therapy assistant continuing education.