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8 Common Metal Roofing Problems and solutions

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8 Common Metal Roofing Problems and solutions

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  1. 8 8 Common Metal Roofing Problems Common Metal Roofing Problems and S and Solutions olutions Metal roofs account for a good investment. If you have a metal roof for your residential or commercial spaces, then you need to carry out a regular maintenance program to ensure that it stays in good condition. It will help you save on repair costs and replacements. Using substandard metal installation material, poor installation and lack of maintenance are the primary reasons behind the roof damage. Here are some of the common Metal roofing problems and their solutions: 1)Leaking Roofs : It is one of the most common metal roofing problems. A metal roof can begin to weaken over time due to oxidation, known as electrochemical oxidation. Constant exposure to wind and rain cause what you called the flow of accelerated-corrosion. The protective layer of the roof gets worn out with continuous weather attacks. To address the issue, you can check for leaking roofs yourself, search Roofing Contractor Westchester Ny or contact an expert. 2)Corrosion : The issue of metal roof corrosion is another common phenomenon. After years of installation and protecting your house from external weather elements, the metal roofs are bound to corrode. If ignored for long, it can lead to loss of structural integrity too. To ensure complete protection, make sure the coated roof is properly installed. Weathering can cause cracks and gaps in the coating in a place with extreme temperature conditions. 3)Expansion and Contraction : It is a phenomenon of metal breathing. In this, the metal expands in heat and contracts in winter. In the absence of properly installed fasteners, the expansion and contraction can loosen the metal roofing penal and cause damage. The seams and penetrations are re-enforced using rubber coating or a polyester mesh. 4)Chalking and Fading : When exposed to UV rays, the metal roof develops a whitish residue that is commonly known as chalking. Fading occurs when the metal roof breaks down due to several environmental factors like chemicals, pollution, and water thereby, leading to a change in color. Getting the roof painted every year will help you keep the roof safe from the chalking and fading issues. 5)Worn out sealants : Sealants are crucial to metal roof installation as they protect the roof from elements like dust, wind, and water. Over time sealants may deteriorate, and hence you will need a roof replacement. If you are encountering issues with your sealant, then you can contact the experts to get installed the sealant that goes compatible with your roofs. 6)Broken Flashing : Flashing helps prevent the water from entering the roof. If the flashing is not attached properly to the roof, water can seep into the wall, resulting in a leak. Any area that has flashing surrounded like ventilation, duct chimneys, and skylights should have proper flashing installed nearby. Make sure the flashing installed is of correct size and measurements so as to cover the complete area. It will prevent the water from going underneath the roofing.

  2. 7)Underlayment : Unaware of choosing the right underlayment, the homeowners often develop a casual take on the underlayment. Underlayment is one of the most crucial parts of the installation and prevents the roof from external weather conditions and moisture. Choosing the wrong underlayment or skipping it completely is an installation error that should be avoided. Have proper knowledge of the state code and which type of underlayment is allowed. Choosing a wrong underlayment may cost you a fine and the roof too. Consult the expert roofing contractor and choose it wisely. 8)Oil canning : It is rippling of the flat areas of the metal roof. Oil canning is most commonly encountered in seam metal roofing or wall panels. This can be a result of the fasteners not installed properly. To prevent the roof from oil canning, make sure the clips fit perfectly without forcing the vertical seam out of place. These are the major metal roofing problems and solutions. For detailed analysis and inspection, you can consult the leading Roofing Contractor Westchester Ny, and get your query answered.

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