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Asahi/America New Technology

Asahi/America New Technology Bus Systems Electric & Pneumatic Actuation Fieldbus Foundation Members Fieldbus Foundation Members Bray International, Inc. Chevron Research & Technology Chinese Fieldbus Professional Commission Chiyoda Corporation Chubu Electric Power Company

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Asahi/America New Technology

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  1. Asahi/AmericaNew Technology Bus Systems Electric & Pneumatic Actuation

  2. Fieldbus Foundation Members

  3. Fieldbus Foundation Members • Bray International, Inc. • Chevron Research & Technology • Chinese Fieldbus Professional Commission • Chiyoda Corporation • Chubu Electric Power Company • City of Columbus Wastewater Treatment • Control System Integrators Association • Crouse hindes/CEAG-digi table • Delta t • DKK Corporation • Dresser Industries • ABB Industrial Systems Inc. • Accutech • Advanced Distillatiom Technology • Applied Information Scienncr • Asahi/America • Automation Research Institute of Ministry • of Metallurgical Industry • Automax/Accord Controls • Bailey Japan Co., Ltd. • Baker Hughes INTEQ • Bentley Nevada Corporation • Boing • BB Oil-Alliance Refinery

  4. Fieldbus Foundation Members • Groupe Schneider • Hartmann & Braun AG • Hitachi, Ltd. • Honeywell Inc. • HuaKong Technology Co., Ltd. • ICT, Inc. • ifak • Instrument Control Service, Inc. • I&PCEA • Intellution, Inc • InterlinkBT • Jet Propulsion Laboratory • JGC Corp. • K-Patents Oy • Duke/Fluor Daniel • du Pont Engineering Co. • EL-O-MATIC BV • Elsag Baily Process Automation • Endress + Hauser GmbH + Co. • Exxon Research & Engineering • Co. • Fieldbus Inc. • FINT • Fisher Controls International, • Inc. • Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc. • Fraunhofer Institute • Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. • GAXT Terminals Corp.

  5. Fieldbus Foundation Members • Keneka Engineering Corp. • Kinetics Technology • International • Knick Elektronische • Meßgeräte GmbH &Co. • Konsberg Simrad AS • Koso Service Co., Ltd. • KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH • & Co. • Kurihara Kogyo Co., Ltd • Magnetrol International • Measurement Technology Ltd. • Micro Motion, Inc. • Mitsubishi Electric • Mobile Technology C • Monsanto Company • Moore Products Co. • National Instruments Corp. • NEC Corporation • Neles-Jamesbury Oy • NEMA • Niigata Masoneilan Co., Ltd. • Nippon Gear Co., Ltd. • Norsk Hydro a.s. • Ohkura Electric Co., Inc. • Omni Flow Computers • Oval Engineering Co., Ltd.

  6. Fieldbus Foundation Members • PC&E • PDVSA-Servicois Automatizagion • Pepperl+Fuchs • PMV,Palmstiernas Instruments • POHTO • Praxair, Inc. • Presys Instrumentos e Sistemas Ltda. • R. Stahl Schaltgeräte GmbH • Relcom Inc. • Research Reacto Institute of Kioto University • Richard Hirschmann Of America, Inc. • Rockwell Automation • Rosemount Analytical, Inc. • Rosemount Inc. • Saudi Arabian Oil Company • Shanoc, Inc. • Shenyang Institue of Automation • Shell Oil Company • Shimadzu Corporation • SHIP STAR Associates Inc. • Siemens Energy & automation, Inc. • Sira Test & Certification, Ltd. • SMAR • Smar Research

  7. Fieldbus Foundation Members • Softing GmbH • SRC NIITEPLOPRIBOR • SRI International • Stone & Webster Engineering Corp. • StoneL Corporation • The Foxboro • Tokyo Keiso Co., Ltd. • Toshiba Corporation • VALTEK International • VEGA Grieshaber KG • Walsh Automation Inc. • Westinghouse Electric • Westlock Controls • Wonderware Corporation • WorldFIP Europe • Yamaha Corporation • Yamatake-Honeywell Co., Ltd. • Yokogawa Electric Corporation • Yokogawa Electronics Co., Ltd

  8. Asahi/America Bus Systems

  9. Actuator Bus System

  10. Asahi/America Bus Systems • Allows two wire control / communications with actuator for control and status information. • Allows simple installation and results in significant installation savings to the customer over conventional control.

  11. Asahi/America Bus Systems Customary Wiring Method I/O Cabinet PLC

  12. Asahi/America Bus Systems Bus Wiring Method PLC

  13. Asahi/America Bus Systems Bus Wiring Method

  14. Asahi/America Bus Systems Bus systems require only a two wire bus to each valve (Plus power for electric actuators). Solenoid valves for pneumatic actuators are typically powered from the bus system.

  15. Asahi/America Bus Systems Labor Costs The utilization of a serial communications field network will greatly contribute to the overall reduction of labor costs. Compared to the conventional hardwired system individual wires must be pulled through a protected conduit that is hundreds of feet long. Hardwired 180 valve system $223,905 Networked 180 valve system $102,129

  16. Asahi/America Bus Systems Material Costs The amount of conduit, fittings, wire and junction housings is greatly reduced. When compared with conventional systems, field networks eliminate a substantial amount of field wiring and the labor necessary to install it. Hardwired 180 valve system $228,000.00 Networked 180 valve system $152,000.00

  17. Asahi/America Bus Systems Maintenance Costs Field networks create the foundation for a plant wide valve management system that takes full responsibility for monitoring and diagnosing valve performance from installation to predictive/ preventive maintenance scheduling.

  18. Asahi/America Bus Systems A/A Plans to integrate two of the many buses available into our actuation products. • First is the ASI System (Now Available) • Secondwill be Foundation Fieldbus • Both are internationally recognized

  19. Asahi/America Bus Systems • Chosen for high level flexibility • Recognized by Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society (ISA) • Intended to replace 4-20mA devices • High level of diagnostics can be integrated into device package.

  20. Asahi/America Bus Systems Manufactures Of Foundation Fieldbus Equipment.

  21. Asahi/America AS-I Bus Bus Systems • Chosen for wide support and simplicity. • AS-I is used in on/off applications.(Which is the Majority of Systems) • Interface cards are available for Electric and Pneumatic Actuators • Economically Priced

  22. Asahi/AmericaAutomatedBus Systems Pneumatic Actuator Interface • Provides industry standard NAMUR mounting. • Nema 4X Enclosure is resistant to most acids, and salt solutions. • Low Profile Design

  23. Asahi/America Bus Systems Electric Actuator Interface • Provides Open/Close relays • Open/Close position feedback via limit switches • Interface to line voltage electric actuators.

  24. Asahi/America Bus Systems Technical Specifications Maximum Length of Wire Run: 100 meters (300 meters using repeaters/extenders) Maximum Number of Devices per Network (Master): 31 (Each Device can have 4 inputs and outputs) Cycle Time: 5ms or less with 31 Nodes Control Current Consumption:(Pneumatic Actuators) Less than 160ma (Solenoid De-energized) Less than 185ma (Solenoid Energized)

  25. POWER SUPPLY AS-i Controller M AS-i PS 24VDC PS 100 m Asahi/America Bus Systems Standard ASI Net Work Maximum Length of 100 Meters

  26. POWER SUPPLY MC AS-I Repeater R R 100 m AS-I PS 100 m 100 m Asahi/America Bus Systems ASI Network with Repeaters (Maximum of 2) Total Length of Run is Now 300 Meters MC = Master Controller AS-I PS = Power Supply R = Repeater

  27. Asahi/America Bus Systems Ring Structure Valves Still Operate If Line is cut all valves will still function

  28. Asahi/America Bus Systems Gateways allow interface with other systems. It occupies the space of one node only on the existing system. Existing System Gateway 31 Nodes can be added ASI

  29. Asahi/America Bus Systems Technical Specifications Cable Requirements: AS-I Yellow Cable Any Cable with the following designations: H05VV-F2X1.5 according to DIN VDE 0281 Connector Type: M-12 (Pin1=Positive) (Pin2=Negative) Addressing: Each Node is assigned a unique address: Assigned by the Master or a handheld device

  30. Asahi/America Bus Systems Company Installations of Foundation Fieldbus In Japan Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. Mitsui Chemicals Corporation Mitsui Petrochemicals Ind., Ltd. Nichigo Engineering Co., Ltd. Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd. Nippon Steel Corporation NITTETSU ELEX Co., Ltd.Nitto Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd. Osaka Gas Co., Ltd Sumitomo Chemical Eng. Co.,Ltd. Tohaku Electric Power Co., Ltd. Tokyo Metropolitan GovernmentToho Gas Co., Ltd. Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. Asahi Engineering Co., Ltd. Bureau of Waterworks Chubu Electric Power Co., IncChiyoda CorporationNitto Dainippon Ink & Chemicals, Inc.Idemitsu Engineering Co., Ltd. Japan Energy CorporationJGC CorporationKaneka Engineering Corp. Konica Corp.Kuraray Engineering Co., Ltd. Kurihara Kogyo Co., Ltd. Kyoto Petroleum Industries, LtdMitsubishi Chemical Corp.

  31. AbbottAbitibi Consolidated Sales Corp.Accord ControlsAgrium c/o Agra-Monenco c/o Agra-Monenco/FMCAgrium U.S. Inc.AK Steel Corp.ALCO Chemical Co.Allegheny EnergyAllegheny PowerAllied SignalAlpha/Owens CorningAmalgamated Sugar Co.American Soda L.L.P.Anheuser-BuschAppleton PapersArchimica Inc. ARCO AlaskaAtlas Paper MillsAurora Energy, L.L.C.Austin UtilitiesB.I. ChemicalsBayer CorporationBCI ChemicalsBonide ProductsBorden ChemicalBP AllianceBP AMOCO, Inc.Bristol-Meyers SquibbBunge Corp.Cabot Corp.California Energy Geothermal Callery Chemical Co.Canandaigua Wine Co.Cargill, Inc. Asahi/America Bus Systems Company Installations of Foundation Fieldbus In the USA

  32. Asahi/America Carriage IndustriesCasco Bay Energy Co., L.L.C.Celotex Corp.Certainteed Corp.Champion International Corp.CIL Isotope Separations, Inc.City Of Painseville, Municipal Electric PlantCK WITCO Corp.Cognis Corp.Condea Vista ChemicalConoco, Inc.Copland IndustriesCorning GlassCorning Inc.Corning Inc.Creanova Inc.Daishowa America .Dare County Water Department Of Chemical EngineeringDonohue IndustriesDow-AgrosciencesDuke EnergyDuke Fluor DanielE.I. Du Pont De NemoursEastman Chemical Co.Elf Atochem North America Inc.Eli Lilly & Co.Engelhardt Corp.Engineered Carbons, Inc.Exxon MobilFirmenichFlint Ink Bus Systems Company Installations of Foundation Fieldbus In the USA

  33. Asahi/America Flint MandersFMC CorporationFormosa Plastics Corp.Franklin HeatingFraser PaperGeneral ElectricGoodyear Tire & Rubber Co.Great Lakes ChemicalGreif Bros. Corp.GSEGSIHenkel Corp.Holtrachem Manufacturing Co.ICS TriplexIngomar Packing Co.ISAIspat-Inland, Inc.J & L Specialty Steel Bus Systems Company Installations of Foundation Fieldbus In the USA J.R. Simplot Co. Kaiser #2 FPLKaiser Aluminum & ChemicalKerr Mc GeeKN Energy, Inc.Knolls Atomic Power LabsKOSAKvaerner ProcessK.V. MARK Corp.Land O・LakesLee CollegeLouisiana State UniversityMasseyMcWhorter TechnologiesMead Johnson NutritionalMedical Area Total Energy Plant, Inc.Merck & Co., Inc.Minnesota Power

  34. Asahi/America Penn State UniversityPetroLube / CondatPhelps DodgePhilip MorrisPierce & Stevens Corp.Plainwell TissuePPG Industries, Inc.Purdue UniversityQuest Separation TechnologiesRegeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.RhodiaRittman Paper BoardRock-Tenn CompanyRohm & Haas, Inc.Seattle SteamSIP, Inc. Bus Systems Company Installations of Foundation Fieldbus In the USA MOBIL B & PMOBIL OilMohave GenerationMonsanto CompanyMontana Dakota UtilitiesNiacetNitram, Inc.Northeast Wisconsin Technical CollegeNorthfield LaboratoriesNorton Coated AbrasivesNovartis Crop ProtectionNu-West IndustriesNylonge CorporationOdyssey Manufacturing CompanyOrmet Primary Aluminum CompanyOsram SylvaniaPaktankParke-Davis

  35. Asahi/America Bus Systems Company Installations of Foundation Fieldbus In the USA SolutiaSouthern EdisonSpecialty Industrial Products, Inc.Sprague PaperboardSterling ChemicalSulivan ParkTechnical SpecialtiesUSS KennedyVanchemVelsicol Chemical Corp.Voith Sulzer, Inc.Vulcan ChemicalsWaldron EngineeringWausau-MosineeWestern Research Corp.Westinghouse Electric Co.Westvaco Corporation WeyerhaeuserWheeling Pittsburgh Steel Corp.Worthington Generation L.L.C.Wyckoff Chemical CompanyWyeth Ayerst Pharmaceutical

  36. Asahi/America Bus Systems AS-I Manufacturers

  37. Asahi/America Bus Systems AS-I Users Over 10,000 nodes!!

  38. Asahi/America Bus Systems Markets Plants using 6 or more on/off valves controlled from PLCs Waste Water Treatment Potable Water Treatment Mining Aquariums Breweries Oil Industry Automotive

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