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Instructions for making plunger fork tool. PowerPoint Presentation
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Instructions for making plunger fork tool.

Instructions for making plunger fork tool.

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Instructions for making plunger fork tool.

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Instructions for making plunger fork tool.

  2. Drawing for the trigger assembly

  3. 499 Parts Drawing / Ordering Information

  4. Tools you will need to disassemble a model 499

  5. Remove shot tube from barrel shroud

  6. Remove forearm screw

  7. Remove forearm

  8. Remove top stock screw

  9. Remove stock screws

  10. Remove stock

  11. Remove lever nut

  12. Remove lever screw

  13. Remove lever assembly

  14. Remove trigger screws and nuts

  15. Using a flat screw driver compress leg on safety so the safety can be removed

  16. Remove safety from trigger and barrel shroud

  17. Remove trigger assembly from barrel shroud

  18. Using plunger fork insert into the barrel to compress plunger spring

  19. Line up plunger fork on sides of the plunger casing so you can compress the plunger spring forward

  20. Holding plunger fork handle against the table push down on the barrel shroud so anchor pin will release

  21. Remove the anchor pin

  22. Using a flat screw driver remove the plunger assembly

  23. Using a steel rod 5/8” – ¾” in diameter put into the front of the barrel shroud to remove abutment

  24. Tap rod with mallet until the abutment is loosened and will come out the back of the barrel shroud

  25. Remove the abutment

  26. You can test the magnet on the abutment before installing in the barrel by putting a bb on it to see if it will stay in place

  27. I do this so you do not have to tear the gun apart again if the magnet is bad

  28. Put abutment seal on the abutment plug

  29. Seal goes on with flat side against plug and open end to the outside

  30. Insert abutment with seal into the barrel, put a small amount of grease on seal to help slide in easier

  31. Insert abutment with threaded side first into the barrel shroud

  32. Using your rod push abutment all the way into the barrel shroud until it stops

  33. Using a pointed punch re-stake the abutment into the barrel shroud. Be sure the abutment is all the way forward in the barrel shroud.

  34. Before staking screw in shot tube and be sure the tube is right against the muzzle of the barrel.

  35. Stake in place with a pointed punch or nail, make sure dimple is deep enough to hold abutment in place

  36. To change plunger head remove the plunger pin

  37. Remove plunger pin

  38. Take off plunger head

  39. Take off steel plunger washer

  40. Remove plunger spring from plunger casing

  41. Replace plunger spring on casing

  42. Steel washer can go over the plunger head to make it easier to get back together

  43. Insert plunger head with steel washer in plunger casing and line up the holes for the plunger pin

  44. Compress the plunger spring so you can insert the plunger pin

  45. Rebuilding trigger instructions are for trigger pull to the left

  46. Remove safety from trigger casing

  47. Remove trigger pin

  48. Remove pawl

  49. Remove pawl spring