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Name ______________________________
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Name ______________________________

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  1. Name ______________________________ The Olympic Games: Where Heroes Are Made By Nicholas Camacho Prediction ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Author’s Purpose inform persuade entertain

  2. The Olympic Games: Where Heroes Are Made • Focus Skills: • To identify nonfiction selections and their text structures • To read and understand an expository nonfiction selection • To read and understand a poem • Genre • Expository Nonfiction- explains information and ideas • Summary • The Olympic Games have grown and changed since the first contests were held in ancient Greece. However, one aspect of the games remains the same- their ability to inspire amazing performances from the world’s best athletes. • Reading Strategy • Adjust the Reading Rate • Nonfiction selections often include facts and numbers as well as new vocabulary. When good readers come across a difficult passage, they read more slowly to help them understand important ideas.

  3. Story Questions Reasons Baron de Coubertin brought back the Olympic Games Color the Olympic Rings. Why are the Rings these colors? __________________________________________________________________ What do you think the rings represent? __________________________________________________________________ Why do you think the modern Olympic Games follow the ancient tradition of the torch? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  4. reasons for the Olympic oath Compare and contrast long distance runners and sprinters. How do the headings and subheadings in this story help you understand the story? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How do details from Evelyn Ashford’s early career help you know she was very fast?

  5. Michael Johnson’s victory at the Sydney Olympics was special because ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Compare and contrast swimming events in the first modern Games and the Games of today. Give two details that show Mark Spitz was a special swimmer before he went to his first Olympics.

  6. How have the modern Olympics changed over time? Think and Respond • What kinds of events make up the Olympic Games and what athletes compete in them? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • How do the headings and subheadings help you in reading this selection? • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • How might the Olympic Games change in the future? • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • If you could meet one of the athletes mentioned in the article, which one would you choose, and why? • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  7. Use the graphic organizer to answer the following questions. • What type of story is this nonfiction piece most like? • Where did the first Olympic games take place? • How are the events different today than they were in the first modern games? • What happens first in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games? • What do the athletes do before the games begin? • What do the five colored rings on the Olympic flag represent? • What sports were in the ancient Olympic Games? • How are long distance runners different from sprinters? • Which swimmer was the winner in the backstroke events in Sydney, Australia? • Which sport has just recently been added to the Olympic events? • What do the athletes promise when they take the Olympic oath? • If you could meet one of the athletes mentioned in this article, which one would you choose and why?