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Attar | Attar Online

Attar | Attar Online

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Attar | Attar Online

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  1. Redefining Tradition... Attar ( رطع) also referred to as attar has been in existence before one can even recall. The word 'attar' or aittar' is an Arabic word which means 'scent’. It has been derived from a Persian word meaning 'fragrance'. It is the method of preparation, that differentiates an attar from a perfume. Although attar has been in the market for over 60 years, today very few people know its significance and can mark its authenticity. Attar has an everlasting shelf life and some of them even smell stronger and aromatic with time. Currently, age-old attars are mostly distilled in India. With rapid and

  2. drastic modernization and change in trends so frequent, there are just a few families who still preserve these exceptionally age-old recipes and only a handful know its worth. A whiff from your favorite attar can evoke strong emotional reactions. One can mostly connect to an experience or an emotion with a particular aroma. Attar is basically an essential oil that is procured from botanical sources. The oils are extracted through hydro or steam distillation and at times by chemical procedure also. Although natural perfumes mostly qualify as attars that are distilled with water. Attars are generally distinguished on the basis of an effect it has on an individual’s body. The process of making Attar in ancient India required the competence that only traditional makers had. Certain flowers and exquisite plants were placed into vegetable oil or water and they would gradually soak in the oil or water. Hence, the creation of magical aromatic attars was a fusion of natural fragrance of flowers mixed with water/oil. Furthermore, various oils used to be added from a wide range available, depending on the customer’s preference. Amongst the popular oils used were safflower, balances, linseed, sesame, castor oil and moringa. For over 10 years, Fragrantor’s has been successful in making its customers spellbound with their enthralling aromas. Now, to bring back and to keep up with the true and real essence of the extraordinary, Fragrantor has introduced a wide range of enthralling attars in different flavors that are available in 10 and 20 ml bottles. If you have ever been a fan of exquisite fragrance, one should surely check out their collection. With this wide range of attars, fragrantors has infused both, love and tradition in the bottle. For more captivating details, visit their website,