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Attar for Women

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Attar for Women

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  1. Shama Attars: Romancing the World through the ages… Badi Al Zaman (1639) Founder In 1639, Shah Jahan gave Badi Al Zaman the honour of supplying the royal court exclusive Attars. His Perfumes encroached the emperor and his wife.

  2. Shama Attars: Romancing the World through the ages… His Son…. Al Tufail Shama(1658) • His father gave him the opportunity to take over the business • by this time Shama Attars were being sold in many cities around Agra: • Ajmer, • Kalinjar, • Allahabad, • Gwalior, • Shahjahanabad

  3. Shama Attars: Romancing the World through the ages… His Two Son…. Fakhr Al Tufail Shama(1713) Hudhaifah Shama (1713) After Al Tufail Shama’s death in 1713 at the old age of 85 his sons took over the charge of handling the family business.

  4. Shama Attars: Romancing the World through the ages… His Son…. Imad Al Din Shama(1770) In 1770the control was handed over the Imad AL Din Shama, after the death of his father.

  5. Shama Attars: Romancing the World through the ages… His Son…. Khuzaimah Al Shama(1835) The Emperor was a devout Muslim, who did namaaz five times daily. For each namaaz he used a different attar, supplied to him Khuzaimah Al Shama: ooudh, musk-e-amber, ruh gulaab, khus, and mukhullat.

  6. Shama Attars: Romancing the World through the ages… His Son…. Kamal shah shama(1890) His son Kamal Shah shama moved the family business from agra to bhendi bazaar, Mumbai, to take advantage of the export opportunities the port city offered.

  7. Shama Attars: Romancing the World through the ages… His Son…. Mohammad Kamal shah shama Mohammed Kamal Shama, took charge of the business and continued to run it successfully until his death.

  8. Shama Attars: Romancing the World through the ages… His Son…. Murtuza Mohammed Shama (Lala) By this time, the attar business had grown very competitive with the emergence of new markets and the expansion of traditional ones.

  9. Shama Attars: Romancing the World through the ages… His Two Son…. Zaid AlShama SalmanAlShama Today, Lala, Zaid and Salman Shama preside over a highly successful business, operating out of an extensive showroom offering no less than One Thousand Perfumes to Gulf countries, • Iraq • South Africa • UK • USA • Canada • Pakistan • India

  10. This history give us the name : Brother’s Perfumes Badi Al Zaman Al Tufail Shama Fakhr Al Tufail Shama Hudhaifah Shama Imad Al Din Shama Khuzaimah Al Shama Kamal shah shama Mohammad Kamal shah shama Murtuza Mohammed Shama Murtuza Mohammed Shama

  11. What is attar? The fine art of making attar (an aromatic oil extracted from various botanical sources) is generally believed to have its origin in India. Abelief based on archaeological excavations in the Indus Valley that revealed 5000-year-old copper stills used in the distillation process. Further evidence of the use of attar in ancient times is provided by the ayurvedic text CharakaSamhita, while the Gandhayukti—another text dating back to the Vedic period—lists attar ingredients and also offers recipes for various perfumes, soaps, mouth fresheners, talcum powders and incense.

  12. How is attar made? Manufacturing an attar perfume requires accumulating loads of blossom petals into a large still (deg). Layering them with clean and pure water and boiling the mixture to a point a vapor of the entire mixture flows out and then condenses and the droplets pour down into a pot that seizes the crucial oil required for making the attar. The water in the deg is isolated from the oil in the morning and fresh blossom petals are supplemented to the water. This routine may go on for a few weeks.Theleft over water called hydrosol is often traded as scented water It has to be stored under refrigeration for prevention of it getting spoilt. Hydrosols and other natural element are habitually used to generate a inimitable attar fragrance.

  13. Fragrances

  14. Categories • South African • South African Teen • Indonesian • Gulf Arabian • London • American Teen • Black Sudan, Ghana & Tanzanian • Canadian Teen • Pakistan • Indian men (Age Group - 50 to 70) • Indian men (Age Group - 20 to 28) • Indian men (Age Group - 30 to 45) • Indian Women (Age Group - 45 to 70) • Indian Women (Age Group - 20 to 35

  15. Samples DENAL OOUD MUSK-E-AMBE The opening features a sparkling note of mandarin-orange peel enhanced with waves of camphor and mint. The spicier heart reveals the ambry-musky tonalities of sclary sage. The warmer trail is composed of an association ofwhitemusks, tonka bean, cedar and sandalwood. OOUD comes from the resinous heartwood of Aquillaria trees, it is formed when the trees are infected with a parasitic mould. FANTASIA JANNATUL FIRDAUS A characteristic and original marine note of "oyster" is blended with lime and mandarin.Transparent flowers stay in the background to give room to ethereal scents of cedarwood, lignum vitae and cypres A sweet, sunny and elegant eau built around an explosion of citrus (mandarin orange, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot). The fragrance is warmed up thanks to elemi resin from Manilla, a touch of spices, cedar and white musks. WHITE GOLD ASEEL-AL-HARMAIN A spicy opening of Szechwan pepper and cardamom evolves towards a smoky heart built around agarwood (oud), sandalwood and vetiver. The ambry dry-down is enriched with notes of vanilla and tonka bean. The subtly acidulous top note blends Sicilian lemon with Neroli from Grasse. The middle note unveils a spicy note of cardamom and coriander. The chypre and woody end note is composed of oak moss and Virginian cedarwood.

  16. Contact us Shama Brothers Perfumers 10,Patka Manzil, SVP Road, Bhendi Bazaar, Mumbai,India, 400003. Lala Shama lalashama@gmail.com lalashama@shamaperfumes.com +91-9223423396 Zaid Shama zaidshama@gmail.com zaidshama@shamaperfumes.com +91-9987863509 For Purchasing the Perfumes online kindly contact Miss Sana Shama Emails - sana.shama@hotmail.com, sanashama@shamaperfumes.com Phone - 9167788898

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