quantum computing the next level computer n.
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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

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Quantum Computing

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  1. Quantum Computing – The Next Level Computer Technology Being a very powerful computing technology, Quantum Computing is used to solve certain highlevel complications. Syamore, Google’s quantum computer claims to perform calculation in a very short time as compared to supercomputers. It is a 54qubit computer, which requires to be kept in a temperature close to zero. Qubit collapses its superposition in a single state i.e. positive & negative at the same time, therefore passing through Grover Operator in the end. Here Grover algorithm works because of these quantum particles being entangled, washing away all the possibilities but one. How does it work? An amplitude of a positive and a negative state which could also be considered as an amplitude for being 0, and also an amplitude for being 1. The goal for an amplitude here is to make sure that amplitudes leading to wrong answers cancel each other out, making the only possible outcome to be right. Quantum computers function using superconductivity. We have a ordinary computer chip with little coils of wire in it, nearly big enough to see with the naked eye. There are 2 different quantum states of current flowing through these coils, corresponding to 0 and 1, or the superpositions of them. These coils interact with each other, generating a state called an entangled state which is an essential state in Quantum computing. The way qubits interact are completely programmable, so we can send electrical signals to these qubits. This whole chip is placed in a refrigerator with a temperature close to absolute zero, thus superconductivity occurs.

  2. We know a bit is either a 0 or 1. Now, 4 bits mean 0000 and so on. In a qubit, 4 classical bits can be in one of the 2^4 different configurations at once. That is 16 possible combinations out of which we can use just one. 4 qubits in position can be in all those 16 combinations at once. This grows exponentially with each extra qubit. 20 qubits can hence store a million values in parallel. A normal logic gate gets a simple set of inputs and produces one definite output. A quantum gate manipulates an input of superpositions, rotates probabilities, and produces another set of superpositions as its output. Hence a quantum computer sets up some qubits, applies quantum gates to entangle them, and manipulates probabilities. Now it finally measures the outcome, collapsing superpositions to an actual sequence of 0s and 1s. Quantum Computing can be used in private cars, calculating all possible outcomes and thus reducing accidents, controlling traffic and every other thing. RSA encryption is the one that underpins the entire internet. It could breach it and hackers might steal top confidential information related to Health, Defence, personal information, and other sensitive data. At the same time, it could be helpful to achieve the most secure encryption, by identifying the best one amongst every possible encryption, which could be made by finding out the most secure wall to break all the viruses that could infect the internet. Quantum computing has its own benefits as well. However, this would take years for the infrastructure to be built & the amount of investment is huge. After all, it could only be used when there are very reliable real-time use cases. Undoubtedly Quantum Computing will play a big role in the coming future. This article has been sourced from GAVS Technologies, a world leader in the field of IT Automation with AI.